Barcelona fear Ousmane Dembele has a problem after reason for missed training emerges

Ousmane Dembele has come under pressure for missing training last week.

Ousmane Dembele made headlines last week when he was left out of Barcelona's squad for their game against Real Betis.

The decision was made after he'd missed that Thursday's training session - it had taken half an hour after training began before they were even able to get ahold of him.

Dembele told them that he had a stomach problem and couldn't make it, something that doesn't reflect well on him even if you believed it.

And Barcelona have made moves to deal with the situation.

The club president and several other 'higher-ups' met with Dembele's agent to issue demands if he's to continue his career at Camp Nou.

On top of that, reports suggest they're also looking into ways they could offload him - apparently eyeing up Liverpool as a potential suitor.

But while things looked to be heading in a better direction, news has come out suggesting that Dembele's real reason for missing training was worse than it first seemed - and Barca feel he may have a real problem.

AS reports that Dembele had spent Wednesday evening playing video games with his mates and continued to do so well into the night.

Ousmane Dembele's Barcelona career appears to be heading off the rails.

When he finally did try and get some sleep before training, he forgot to set his alarm and thus overslept.

And it's apparently the continuation of a problem that Barca believe Dembele has - that video games are firmly getting in the way of his career.

Dembele has shone in spurts at Barca.

The Frenchman doesn't speak much Spanish and so most of his time is spent at home, where the desire to play games appears to be a strong one.

There have certainly been far worse issues for players to have in football but if this one is going to prevent him from becoming the player that everyone knows he can be, Barca are right to be very concerned.

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