Steven Gerrard gives his honest opinion of Jose Mourinho - sums him up in one word

Steven Gerrard is the latest to give his opinion on Jose Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho is certainly someone that everyone has an opinion on.

The Manchester United boss has consistently wound up opposition fans, players, and coaches while simultaneously finding respect as one of the best around.

Whether at FC Porto, Chelsea, Internazionale, or Real Madrid, it's always been the same: trophies and controversy.

And this season, with United struggling for any kind of consistency, has seen quite a lot of criticism levelled at Mourinho.

That's not to say that he hasn't got his defenders, but when you've spent the last decade-and-a-half antagonising people, they're going to bite back.

All eyes are now on the Portuguese to see if he can turn things around at Old Trafford and shift them up the table - but until then, people will talk.

The latest of whom is Liverpool legend and current Rangers boss Steven Gerrard, who gave his honest opinion on Mourinho in a recent interview.

In an interview with the Guardian, Gerrard said he could sum up the United manager in one word.

Jose Mourinho is currently under pressure at Manchester United.

"I think of one word: winner," said Gerrard. "He's a winner. When winners feel that stuff around them is affecting their chances of winning then maybe the behaviour changes.

"But he's still a world-class manager and he's already won things at United. It wouldn't surprise me if he won more trophies at United."

More than that, Gerrard has a theory on Mourinho's current attitude - and again it's a positive one.

"I think it's him doing things on purpose," he said. "To galvanise and get that siege mentality. It would be foolish to write him off."

Steven Gerrard says he can sum up Mourinho in one word.

Time will tell if Gerrard is right but you can clearly see the enormous respect he has for a man who was his adversary for a long time.

You can certainly understand what he says, though - after everything Mourinho has won, how can you write him off?

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