Formula One fans vote for 'Action of the Year' from 2018 season


It's been another season of spectacular racing and breathtaking overtakes.

Now, Formula 1 fans have had their say on what they think was the best moment of the season.

In a poll on the official Formula 1 website, fans have chosen between six of the best moments from 2018.

Read on to find out which moment was eventually crowned winner, as well as having your say on what you think should have won.

Hamilton and Vettel battle in Russia - 9%

Where better to start than with an iconic moment between two of F1's recent heavyweights Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Coming towards the end of the straight at full speed, Hamilton came at the leading Vettel from a long way back, trying to under break the four-time world champion - and take the inside line. 

After some stellar defensive driving, however, Vettel maintained position, only to surrender his position just two corners later; with Hamilton repeating the same move once again on the long sweeping left. 

Hamilton would later go on to hold position over Vettel, eventually being crowned race winner.

Vettel, however, ultimately slipped down to third position, finishing almost five seconds adrift of Hamilton's Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas. 

Bottas' stunning Eau Rouge pass on Hartley - 4%

Staying with Bottas, the talented Finnish driver pulled off one of the moves of the season during this year's Belgium Grand Prix. 

Coming through Spa's famous Eau Rouge chicane at full speed, Bottas took the outside line, bravely passing Hartley to take the inside line coming out of the corner - taking both fans and pundits alike by surprise.

Bottas' bravery was unfortunately not rewarded on this occasion, however, with the Mercedes driver later finishing in fourth place - behind Verstappen, Hamilton and race winner Vettel. 

Raikkonen and Hamilton's Monza showdown - 23%

Two of Formula 1's elder statesmen went head-to-head in this year's Italian Grand Prix at Monza, with fans left enthralled as the race lead repeatedly exchanged hands. 

First, Hamilton weaved his way past the home-crowd backed Ferrari, before Raikkonen fought bravely to reclaim the lead in front of the hysterical Italian fan base.

Hamilton then managed to pull off a superb move once again to claim the lead for a second time, eventually managing to hold off Raikkonen for the race victory.

Vettel's late, late move on Valtteri Bottas - 16%

The British Grand Prix normally delivers fireworks, and this year's iteration was no exception to the rule. 

Sebastian Vettel caught the imagination of the British fans when he overtook Valtteri Bottas with a stunning late move, passing the Finn as both broke heavily coming off the back of the straight. 

The move would later prove pivotal to the races eventual outcome, with Vettel charging to victory, whilst Bottas would surrender a further two positions to fellow Finn Raikkonen, and world champion Hamilton, who finished third and second respectively. 

Three's a crowd for Hamilton - 12%

In one of the more memorable moments of the 2018 season, Hamilton proved his undoubted pedigree once again, taking three positions in just one corner. 

Approaching the end of the straight at this year's Bahrain Grand Prix, Hamilton fouund himself behind the duelling Fernando Alonso, Nico Hulkenberg and Sebastian Ocon.

As all four duelled for position on track, however, Hamilton made a stunning last-gasp move for the inside, undercutting all three other drivers and claiming four positions in one fell swoop. 

Despite his heroics, however, Hamilton could only finish a distant third behind both teammate Bottas and Sebastian Vettel, who finished just 0.699 seconds clear of the faster Mercedes. 

Ricciardo's fearless dive-bomb - 35%

There are few who doubt Daniel Ricciardo's unbelievable race craft, but if ever a reminder was needed, then look no further than the Australian's stunning move on Mercedes' Bottas. 

Having qualified in sixth, and struggled for pace behind both the Ferrari's and Mercedes' on Friday and Saturday, Ricciardo found himself battling for position with Bottas on track during the race - with the Red Bull showing unexpected impressive speed. 

Just as Bottas looked set to close off Ricciardo once again, however, the Red Bull shot down the inside, cutting Bottas off with mere millimetres to spare. 

Fans and pundits alike revelled at the speed of thought and bravery involved in the move, and Ricciardo's stunning performance was rewarded with a much deserved victory - with Raikkonen and Bottas finishing second and third. 

And the winner is...

After 24 hours of voting, and much debate, fans eventually decided that the moment of the season was Ricciardo's dive-bomb on Bottas. 

The amazing moment captures 35% of the fans vote, with Raikkonen and Hamilton's Monza show down finishing in second with 23%.

Vettel's stunning pass on Bottas finished third with 16%, Hamilton's triple overtake 12%, Vettel and Hamilton's duel claimed 9%, and Bottas's Eau Rouge pass 4%.

Who do you think deserved to win? Was Ricciardo the right decision? Have your say on who you think should have won. 

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