Dejan Lovren’s Wikipedia page is edited after Croatia 3-2 Spain


Dejan Lovren has made no secret of the fact he doesn’t hold a particularly high opinion of Sergio Ramos.

The Liverpool centre-back, who claimed that football fans should recognise him as one of the best defenders in the world after Croatia reached the 2018 World Cup final, recently stated his belief that Ramos is made to look better by his Real Madrid teammates.

“If you look, Ramos has many more mistakes than me,” the Liverpool defender commented. “But he plays for Real Madrid, when you do a mistake you win 5-1 or 5-2, nobody cares.”

Ramos is never usually one to let antagonist comments slide, but the hugely-successful Madrid star was in no mood to fire back at Lovren ahead of Thursday’s UEFA Nations League clash between Croatia and Spain.

“I've said it many times. I don't know if these things are said out of frustration or for other reasons,” Ramos told reporters. "I'm not going to answer Lovren or whoever wants to win three front pages or start the news bulletin.

"Everyone wins things for himself on the pitch."

Despite Ramos’s surprisingly tame reply - he would have been forgiven on this occasion if he’d given the Liverpool defender both barrels - Lovren couldn’t resist rubbing salt in his rival’s wounds following Croatia’s 3-2 victory over Spain.


He posted an eyebrow-raising video on Instagram live, in which he celebrated elbowing Ramos during the match. He also described Ramos and his Spanish teammates as a “bunch of p***ies”. Charming.

Liverpool fans obviously loved Lovren’s dig at Ramos, who became public enemy number one in Merseyside following his role in Mohamed Salah’s injury sustained during last season’s Champions League final, but his comments have now come back to bite him.

Someone decided to give Lovren a taste of his own medicine by editing his Wikipedia page - and it’s fair to assume that Ramos will enjoy it when he sees what was written.

The first paragraph of Lovren’s Wikipedia page briefly read: "Known mostly for elbowing Sergio Ramos and losing numerous finals and claims to be the best defender in the world."


Ouch. In fairness, Dejan, you probably had it coming.

That Instagram live video was always going to backfire.

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It seems very likely that a Madrid fan was responsible for the Wikipedia edit.

Maybe it was Ramos himself - who knows?

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