Ronaldinho plays in charity match v Eintracht Frankfurt - his highlights have emerged


There’s no doubt that Ronaldinho is one of the most talented players in football history.

At his peak, he was an absolute joy to watch; a genius capable of producing magic with the ball at his feet.

For two years at Barcelona, he was on a totally different level to anyone else on the planet and deservedly claimed the prestigious Ballon d’Or award in 2005.

However, there will always be many ‘what ifs’ hanging over the Brazilian forward.

What if he’d been more dedicated to football? What if he could have waited for all the partying once he’d retired? What if he hadn’t fallen out of love with the sport?

It’s a travesty how his career ended, given how much talent he possessed, although football fans will always remember the good times he gave us all.

Had he been more focused and stayed at the top for longer, we would now be talking about Ronaldinho in the same breath as Pele, Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi.

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Now 38 years old, it’s been three years since Ronaldinho retired from football following a brief spell with Fluminense.

But on Saturday, he took part in a charity match and showed how good he is these days.

The match was ‘Ronaldinho and Friends’ against an Eintracht Frankfurt All-Stars team. It was played in front of 20,000 fans and it finished 5-4 to Ronaldinho’s team.


A video has emerged of Ronaldinho’s highlights from the match and the Brazilian managed to produce a few eye-catching moments during his 86 minutes on the pitch.

The match started with Ronaldinho having to run away from selfie-hunting football supporters (0:30).


Check out the brilliant little flick around the corner (1:30 - repeated at 2:13).


That nutmeg at (3:06) was filthy.


How about that first-time pass at (3:33).


At (4:37) he decided to take the p*** out of the opposition.


With his team 5-2 up, Ronaldinho then switched sides and had a hand in Frankfurt’s third goal of the afternoon (5:33).


Watch Ronaldinho's highlights in full here...

Even though Ronaldinho is clearly carrying a bit of timber these days, he’s still capable of entertaining the crowds with his footballing wizardry.

The Brazilian is proof that class is permanent.

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