Arsene Wenger is serious about his two strange predictions on football's future

 Arsene Wenger has some far-out thoughts on where football is heading.

Arsene Wenger has finally got some time on his hands after leaving Arsenal in the summer.

The Frenchman had coached continuously since 1995, first with Nagoya in Japan and then, of course, over two decades at Arsenal.

As out of touch as Wenger looked to some during his last years in North London, he was arguably the most revolutionary manager of the Premier League era.

His changes to style, fitness, and diet changed the game in England and firmly put things on the course that they remain.

Wenger has even come across as a bit of an oracle recently, with news about the European Super League coming out.

He had been adamant that it was happening soon towards the end of his time with Arsenal and just last month Football Leaks and Der Spiegel reported that clubs had secretly been working towards just that.

And so when Wenger makes a prediction, it's perhaps best to listen - although his latest two are quite different.

In an interview with beIN sports, Wenger stated his belief that social media could soon come to dominate football.

“I’ve said many times, you could imagine the next chairman who says that the social networks can make a change in the second half," he said. “That will become more and more entrenched. It will happen.

Arsene Wenger left Arsenal in the summer after over 20 years there.

"I personally, would not accept it - I’m from the old school in that respect - but we’re going in that direction."

While that does sound completely awful, the highlight of the predictions was undoubtedly this:

"You can as well imagine that in 20 years, a robot will sit in front of you.”

Wenger appears to be suggesting there we'll see robot managers before too long - which is an interesting theory, to say the least.

Artificial Intelligence deciding things does seem somewhat reasonable, although quite why it would need to be in a robot that literally sits on the touchline is unclear - presumably, players will still want someone telling them to "put it in the mixer" and "get stuck in".

Wenger was considered revolutionary when he first joined Arsenal.

You'd imagine that the robot manager would use Pep Guardiola as a base, although perhaps we could see the debate with Jose Mourinho go on for eternity in robot form.

There is the potential for things to go wrong, of course, and we could end up with a league managed by Moyes-bots, eternally telling people to whip it into the box.

Although, while it's easy to call them ridiculous predictions, history has taught us one thing about Wenger: he usually gets these things right.

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