Wayne Mardle was adamant that Gerwyn Price did nothing wrong

2018 William Hill PDC World Darts Championships - Day One

Gerwyn Price’s actions have undoubtedly clouded his unbelievable win against Gary Anderson last night.

Despite winning the Grand Slam Darts final, it is his exuberant celebrations which have instead dominated the headlines.

Spurred by an incredible comeback, Price’s celebrations were incredibly animated to say the least.

Frequently, did the Welshman celebrate right under the nose of Anderson and interact with a roaring crowd in a manner that could have been perceived as a little unprofessional to say the least.

Not, though, in the eyes of the commentator Wayne Mardle, who seemed to back the Welshman to the hills with considerable confidence.

Mardle repeatedly inferred that Price had done absolutely nothing wrong and that it only added to what was a great final.

He said that as darts fans, “We wanted to see something different,” he continued. “You have seen something that you are not going to forget in a hurry.”

The former darts player turned pundit then went on to defend Price and say that he played like this because he is a “physical player.”

Supporters were particularly upset with this remark and criticised the commentator heavily.

Clearly loving the exagertaed celebrations, Mardle suggested that the actions of Price spurred only from his deep passion for the sport and that there is nothing wrong with that.

He said that it added to the entertainment of the sport, which, to be fair, it definitely did, but not for the right reasons as Twitter users were quick to point out Mardle’s biased commentary.

Supporters on Twitter claimed that Mardle was in fact more arguable and aggravating than Price himself. They have claimed that Mardle is only getting payed to sell darts in a commercial-like manner and make it as controversial as he wants.

And he certainly did that.

2018 William Hill PDC World Darts Championships - Day One

Whilst the boos rang around the arena, Mardle utterly defied the audience's annoyance and suggested that in a final it is imperative for both sportsmen to fire themselves up.

The commentator concluded by saying, “Price handled the situation, Anderson didn’t.”

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