Luis Suarez may have a problem with Antoine Griezmann's footwear for France v Uruguay

Griezmann's friendship with Diego Godin has led him to feel Uruguayan.

Antoine Griezmann made no secret this summer of how much he feels Uruguayan - despite not being Uruguayan, nor having actually been there.

"Uruguay is my second country," he told the FIFA website earlier this year. "It's a nation and people that I love and I have many friends there.

"It's going to be a great game to play in and a really emotional experience too."

That was ahead of a meeting between Uruguay and Griezmann's first country, France, at the World Cup, although it certainly isn't all he'd said.

"What makes me Uruguayan is that I have the style of Diego [Godin] and [Edinson] Cavani, who give everything, never give up and make the efforts for their teammates," he also said.

Griezmann has been pictured in Uruguay shirts, regularly drinks the national drink of maté, and supports Penerol - one of the two biggest teams in Uruguay, along with Nacional.

The Frenchman also didn't celebrate when he scored in that game against Uruguay and after France won the final, Griezmann draped himself in an Uruguayan flag.

And with the two countries meeting in a friendly on Tuesday evening, Griezmann has revealed on Twitter that he'll make another gesture to Uruguay for that game.

The Atletico Madrid forward will be wearing special boots during the match - one emblazoned with the French flag, the other with the Uruguayan, and both with a little maté pot.

"A special pair for a special match for me," he wrote.

But as it turns out, deciding that you feel like a different nationality because you know some people from there and like a drink does risk annoying people from that country.

One person who appeared to be very annoyed by Griezmann is arguably the most famous Uruguayan on the planet: Luis Suarez.

Speaking ahead of that game at the World Cup, Suarez was less than positive about Griezmann's feelings.

Griezmann muted his celebrations when he played Uruguay at the World Cup.

"As much as he says he's half-Uruguayan, he's French," said Suarez. "He does not really know what the feeling of a Uruguayan is. He does not know about the dedication and effort to be able to succeed in football with so few people.

"I do not know what's going on in his head, but this is the World Cup. There is another mentality. For us, it's a special game. I do not know if it is for him."

Just wait until he gets a load of those boots on Saturday - Griezmann's gesture might just come back to bite him.

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