Boxing fans are angry Emanuel Williams was allowed to fight after debut v John Rincon


Ever watch a boxing match and wonder how one of the fighters has been allowed in the ring?

Well, that happened over the weekend. The lad in question was 20-year-old Emanuel Williams, who was making his anticipated debut on Top Rank’s preliminary card.

The youngster was competing against fellow American John Rincon, a 19-year-old who was also making his professional debut.

However, as the ESPN-steamed four-round lightweight (135 lbs) bout got underway, it quickly became apparent that Williams was badly out of his depth.

The youngster - competing on the undercard to Maurice Hooker’s WBO junior lightweight defence against Alex Saucedo in Oklahoma City - looked a parody of a boxer as he hopped around the ring.

Williams, who fought bravely, was sent crashing to the canvas midway through the opening round after suffering a heavy body shot from his opponent.


This clip sums up what the fight was like...

You can watch the bout in full here…

Williams deserves credits for having the guts to stay in the ring but it’s difficult not to feel extremely sorry for him.

Whether because of pain or embarrassment - or perhaps a combination of both - he wasn’t even stood next to the referee for the official announcement at the end of the fight.


Footage of the fight wasn’t broadcast to a national television audience; however, it has still spread across the internet, with some people cruelly describing the youngster as “the worst professional boxer in the world”.

However, many boxing fans are furious that Williams was allowed to step foot into the ring - and understandably so.


A thread on Reddit is titled ‘Whoever allowed this kid to get into [this] professional fight should go to jail’.

Here are some of the comments in that thread from other boxing fans left shocked by what they’d witnessed…

RockyLM: "That's just plain irresponsible: whatever commission gave this kid the ok to fight and the promoter...just embarrassing and lucky this kid didn't get hurt bad."


Chiphazzard: "How on Earth can you call this guy a professional? There are people that would’ve known about this guys skill level (literally 0) and still put him in a professional fight against an accomplished amateur. Pretty disgusting."

Peanutdakidnapa: "Jesus Christ man, how the f*** does someone let that dude fight in a f****** pro fight, absolutely f****** pathetic by whoever allowed that s***, dude looked like ppl you see fighting in a f****** worldstar video."


Jeffthe10: "This is why Boxing needs to be regulated by the government or something. I hope someone saw this and realised something in boxing needed to change and check if young fighters are ready to box in the pros. Of course, that's only a hope but I do wish the guy a speedy recovery and wish young boxers are better managed by the organisations in future somehow."

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