Richard Scudamore's £5 million payment was to prevent him joining La Liga or rival organisation


A fear that outgoing FA executive chairman Richard Scudamore will take his highly-regarded negotiating skills to rival sports will see him walk away with a £5 million golden handshake payment.

It was believed in some circles that Scudamore could head to the La Liga or the NFL and with the level of contacts at his disposal, could have spearheaded one of those competitions to strike a television deal that was comparable to the one he has engineered for the Premier League.

The payment was initially thought to have seen all of the 20 Premier League clubs contribute £250,000 to the 59-year-old's farewell fund which was believed to be the brainchild of his close friend, Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck.

Understandably, this caused a great deal of consternation among the clubs and football fans across the country.

However, The Daily Telegraph reports that the money will come from the Premier League's central fund over the next three years and not through a form of direct payments.

The 59-year-old will stay on in a consultancy role to advise his successor Susanna Dinnage.

Scudamore has been in the role for 19 years, and in that time the TV rights have risen from £670 million in 1999, to a whopping £5.17 billion when the last deal was signed in 2016.


While the profit registered is indisputable, general match going fans have regularly been put off by the rise of match tickets which has seen many families priced out of seeing their favourite team on a regular basis.

So, once again it seems like there is a major divide between football authorities and their quest for increased commercialism, and those who pay their hard-earned wages to support the game on a weekly basis.

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