Football fan uploads video about claims Cristiano Ronaldo is a selfish player


One of the biggest criticisms aimed at Cristiano Ronaldo is his supposed arrogance.

There's no questioning that the 33-year-old is well aware of his own quality, but football fans can't help debating whether that has spilled into egotism and question how it affects his legacy.

For some, his confidence is a great appeal and his performances across his career certainly vindicate his statements, yet others really don't appreciate the brash talk.

And some believe that his apparent arrogance can even spread onto the pitch, with many levelling the criticism that he is 'selfish' during games.

There have been numerous examples throughout Ronaldo's illustrious career where he seems to have wasted opportunities for teammates by going alone.

Claims Ronaldo is selfish

Where do you draw the line, though, and at what point does going for the jugular yourself negatively impact the team?

Well, there is so much debate surrounding Ronaldo and his position in the GOAT (greatest of all-time) argument, that it seems inevitable that accusations of selfishness will endure.

But that won't stop his supporters from offering the alternative outlook and an interesting new video has sought to address the matter.


Football fan's interesting video

YouTuber 'Fazzer' has uploaded a montage of occasions where Ronaldo could have easily shot/scored himself, yet decided to provide an assist for his teammate.

Over two minutes long and featuring clips from Real Madrid and Juventus, it shows a variety of times Ronaldo raised two fingers to claims he's selfish.

Some of the examples are remarkably selfless - take a look at the video down below:

It's certainly a strong argument for Ronaldo being unselfish.

Of course, there are certainly examples where Ronaldo should have passed in the final third, but the video shows that his decision-making is usually spot on.

Besides, a number of clips displayed case studies where many other strikers would have gone for goal, yet Ronaldo wanted to guarantee the goal by passing.

Juventus v Cagliari - Serie A

The fact there are so many examples of this happening only makes the Portuguese's goalscoring record all the more impressive, too.

Boasting an astonishing record of 450 goals in 432 appearances at Real Madrid is simply astonishing when they could actually have been 5-10 more strikes on his record.

However, as Giorgio Chiellini said just this week, one of the reasons for Ronaldo's greatness is his ability to improve those around him and their own goal-scoring.

Do you think Ronaldo should be seen as selfish? Have your say in the comments section below.

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