Watch: The top 10 worst botches in WWE in 2018

Brie Bella

Botches in WWE happen all the time and some fans seem to enjoy them a little more than they're meant to.

Sometimes it's just a timing issue, sometimes it's sloppy work and sometimes, it's just unlucky.

With the WWE under the microscope from fans more than ever with their seemingly eternal amounts of content, you best believe 2018 has seen it's fair share of botches.

We at GiveMeSport thought it would be a good time to look at the top 10 botches this year and some will bring a wry smile to your face, while others might incense you. Either way, it's good fun.

It's hard to put these in order, but the more embarrassing the botch, the higher it places. Simple. Things like Brie Bella knocking out Liv Morgan and Nia Jax clocking Becky Lynch won't be included in this list.

Becky Lynch sells thin air

Becky Lynch is currently the hottest thing in the WWE and it's not even close. However, prior to SummerSlam, the Irish Lass Kicker was the consummate babyface just trying to catch a break.

During the triple-threat with then-champion Carmella and Charlotte, the latter soared from the top rope to the outside, planning to hit both of her opponents. As you can see from the video, that's not what happened and Becky was a good few yards away at the point of impact. Didn't stop her selling though!

Jinder Mahal at the Greatest Royal Rumble

This is really, really funny. Jeff Hardy and Jinder Mahal were battling it out for the United States title at the Greatest Royal Rumble and the former when for his patented Whisper in the Wind.

Except, when he flipped backwards, Mahal was not even close to the legendary high-flyer. Still, Mahal decided the best thing to do in that situation would be to take a massively delayed and really basic back bump. Excellent.

Jeff Hardy's awful Twist of Fate

Sorry, Jeff, but this one is your fault. Now Eric Young deserves a portion of the blame here, but in fairness to him, Hardy tries to hook his head once, fails, and then just basically drops to the mat and Young looks confused as anyone.

The end result saw Young fall down in stages and the commentators deliver the famous line "he couldn't get all of it!"

Brock Lesnar kicks out at SummerSlam

This is another case of Brock Lesnar doing whatever the hell Brock Lesnar wants to do. The Beast Incarnate, after years of beating Roman Reigns, finally succumb to the Big Dog at SummerSlam.

The problem was, a steel chair inadvertently came back off the ropes during the final pinfall, and because Lesnar decided to move the chair off of his head, he lifted his shoulder up and broke the pin in the process. However, that was the finish of the match so the ref completely ignored that.

Aleister Black's Black Mass on Lars Sullivan

There is no denying that Aleister Black is one of the most skilled in-ring performers in the industry today and if you saw his match with Johnny Gargano at NXT TakeOver, you'll know that he can make his Black Mass finisher look devastating.

Lars Sullivan was competing for the title at one of the biggest shows of the year and when Black threw the kick, he decided he was going to sell it anyway despite being a noticeable distance away. Luckily, it wasn't the finish to the match so it was nicely swept under the rug.

Kane loses his mask in Saudi Arabia

Wow, this was seriously embarrassing. The only way it could have been more embarrassing is if the world wasn't aware that Kane was wearing a wig with his mask, for some obscure reason.

Shawn Michaels was perched on the top rope and went to grab Kane by the hair in order to deliver some punches. Instead, he pulled Kane's whole get-up off and in that moment, we all wondered why the hell Kane still persists with the awful wig?

Kelly Kelly's attempted leg-scissor takedown on Michelle McCool

Look, the inaugural woman's Royal Rumble was a great moment and, overall, was very well done. However, this one moment stuck out like a sore thumb and while it is admirable that Kelly Kelly tried to make a memorable contribution, it ended up being for the wrong reasons.

With no real momentum coming off the ropes, Kelly Kelly tried to hit Michelle McCool with a leg-scissor takedown, but what ensued was an awkward swing that put a lot of pressure on McCool to save the move. It's a cringey watch.

Sasha Banks suicide dive to Asuka

Suicide dives seem to be one of the easiest moves to muck-up, and yet, superstars still haven't learned. Sasha Banks has been prone to a mistake or two down the years thanks to her caution to the wind style, but this looked brutal.

While the idea of Asuka cutting off Bank's suicide dive with a kick seemed cool, Banks got caught up in the ropes and basically landed directly on her neck. Could have been so much worse for The Boss.

Brie Bellas pair of suicide dives

Man, Brie had a horrible couple of weeks after returning to the ring. In the lead up to Super Show Down in Australia, the Bellas decided to get back in action and Brie was not in good form.

In the same match, Brie went for suicide dives and both of them were as awful as each other. If she ever does another one, we'd be seriously surprised. The internet had a field day.

Titus O'Neill at the Greatest Royal Rumble

How could this not be number one? This is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen live, let alone in the wrestling business.

Making his way down to the 50-man Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, Titus O'Neill loses his footing and ends up sliding all the way down the bottom of the ramp and under the ring apron. There's literally no limit on how many times you can watch this moment!

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