Randy Orton delivered one of the best RKOs ever to Rey Mysterio on SmackDown

Randy Orton

Ever since turning heel at Extreme Rules back in July, the actions of Randy Orton most weeks on SmackDown Live are some of the most talked-about by WWE fans.

Orton declared months back that he wanted to dispose of everyone's fan favourites, and Jeff Hardy was first on his list.

After a violent feud, both men stepped inside Hell In A Cell in September, where Orton walked out victorious, and Hardy left on a stretcher.

The Viper then set his eyes on a new target, and after waiting in the background for a while, he finally locked-on to his next victim - Rey Mysterio.

The Master of the 619 was victorious over Orton at Crown Jewel a few weeks ago, but it was Orton who got the last laugh with a brutal post-match beat down.

He's targeted Mysterio for the last few weeks, but wasn't successful last week in jumping the former world champion after his victory over The Miz.

So the match was made for last night in the main event, and it was a fun encounter with Mysterio getting all his high-flying offense on Orton.

Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton went at it on SmackDown Live last night, with Orton coming out victorious.

But Orton was about to make a statement on Mysterio by dropping a long-awaited RKO on him - and boy was it special.

As Mysterio went to belly-slide out of the ring for a splash on Orton, The Viper quickly turned it into his patented finishing manoeuvre, and it looked so, so smooth.

Some are calling it one of his best RKOs ever - not on the level of the ones to Evan Bourne or Seth Rollins, but it's up there.

After rolling Mysterio back into the ring, another RKO just for safekeeping gave Orton the win, but a post-match beatdown saw the mask of Mysterio taken by The Legend Killer.

We're not sure where this storyline is going, but knowing what Orton can do, there's no doubt that he will go to deeper, darker places to try and break Mysterio.

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