Matt Doherty takes aim at Martin O'Neill & Roy Keane's 'tactics' with Ireland

Wolves defender Matt Doherty

Republic of Ireland are on the hunt for a new management team.

The final international break of 2018 saw draw 0-0 with both Northern Ireland and Denmark, while also getting themselves relegated from Group B of the UEFA Nations League.

Ireland have actually failed to score a goal since their 1-1 draw away in Poland back on October 11, Aiden O'Brien the scorer.

With a lack of goals, quality and team harmony, Martin O'Neill and assistant manager Roy Keane simply couldn't stay in the job.

Former Ireland manager Mick McCarthy is currently the favourite to land the job.

Some of the decisions made by O'Neill and Keane during their tenure were slightly strange, with the lack of game time for Wolves' Matt Doherty one of them.

And the in-form right-back gave a scathing interview on the lack of 'tactics' used by the two bosses.

Asked what Keane actually did in the Ireland setup, Doherty paused and then said, per Telegraph: "It wasn’t necessarily a case where he [Keane] has taken the session and was doing shape [work].

“It wasn’t a case of that at all. I guess he was just a back-up to Martin. I wouldn’t say he was much of a hands-on on the training pitch.

O'Neill with Ireland

"Maybe if he was manager, he might have a bit more responsibility, or feel like he had more responsibility."

Doherty also spoke in-depth about O'Neill's approach as a manager.

He said: "Compared to the set-up I have at Wolves, where we have a lot of Portuguese coaches, you could class it as old-school. When you were away with Ireland, you didn’t really have that much coaching. It was more of five-a-side, or 11-a-side game, and that would be it.

“The day before a game you would do a few set-pieces here and there and then go into the game. You are kind of thinking to yourself, ‘what shape are we going to play?’

O'Neill & Keane

"You’d have a few players thinking 'we’ll play this shape', or someone else thinking something else. You can’t have that, especially at international football, people not really sure on what their role is the next day.

“It is bizarre, but like I said, it didn’t happen all the time. There were odd occasions when it did happen."

Their exit really did seem inevitable.

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