Rule change in football would change how goalkeepers approach penalties

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There are a few changes that football fans would like to see in football.

The away-goals rule has come under discussion in recent years, with Gary Lineker among those calling for it to be scrapped.

Meanwhile, dissent still appears to be an issue in the game, with players regularly getting away with bemoaning a referee.

Football's governing bodies are regularly looking at ways to improve the sport and one such idea that recently emerged was to do with penalties.

The Telegraph reported that the International Football Association Board are considering scrapping rebounds, meaning the ball would be ‘dead’ if a penalty is saved or strikes the goal-frame.

But that’s not the only steps that IFAB are debating when it comes to penalties.

And this one will interest goalkeepers greatly.

Rule change to penalties

According to the Daily Mail, IFAB has recommended law changes for the 2019-20 season that would allow goalkeepers to have just one foot on the line when a penalty is taken.

Currently, ‘keepers are required to have both feet on the line when the ball is struck.

But the new change would allow them to make an early move to stop the penalty.

You’ll be hard-pushed to find a single goalkeeper who doesn’t like the sound of that.


Saving a penalty is hard enough, but the proposed amendment would surely increase the number that are stopped each year.

Other changes that were discussed include substitutes leaving the pitch at the nearest boundary line instead of heading towards the dugout and the ball not having to leave the penalty area at goal kicks.

Both recommendations received positive feedback during trials.

Meanwhile ‘ABBA’, the penalty system that was designed make shootouts fairer, will not be used in future competitions following an ‘absence of strong support’.

The objective of football is simple. But there’s an awful lot to it, isn’t there?

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