Lewis Hamilton reacts to Fernando Alonso claiming he'll be FIA boss one day

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Fernando Alonso has been talking to the media ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend, which will be his last race in the sport, and joked he one day will return to the sport as FIA boss and hand out maximum penalties to drivers in the wrong.

The Abu Dhabi GP will be his last race for McLaren, and his last race in the sport as he turns his attention to the WEC and the Indy 500 next year in his bid to become a triple-crown winner.

The two-time World Champion hasn’t officially closed the door on a Formula One return, and at a recent FIA press conference, Alonso spoke of his love for Formula One and how one day he may return to the sport in some capacity.

“I like Formula One, I will always love Formula One, so if I will be here in the future as a driver, as a father, as FIA boss, or whatever I will think,” joked Alonso.

During the press conference, the Spaniard sat alongside now-friend Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Lando Norris.

Hamilton and Alonso were laughing and joking about the comments from Alonso becoming FIA boss, to which Lewis replied jokingly: “Not the FIA boss! At least do it when I retire."

Fernando simply smiled, looked at Lewis, and jokingly said: “Maximum penalties,” before laughing with the five-time champion.

Alonso has had a fantastic career in Formula One with two World Drivers' Championships to his name with Renault, 313 race starts, 32 wins and 97 podiums, making him one of the all-time greats of the sport.

And Fernando has admitted he may be desperate for a return to the sport by April 2019.

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“Right now, it is difficult to think about coming back,” said Alonso.

“But yes the door is not closed. The first reason is I don’t know how I will feel next year.

“I’ve been doing this my whole life. Maybe next year by April or May I am desperate on the sofa, so maybe I find a way somehow to come back.

“But that is not the initial idea. It is going to be moe how I feel in the middle of next year,” continued Alonso.

Pressed on his achievements in the sport and his legacy he will leave behind, Alonso highlighted his efforts to help young drivers get started in motorsport and break into Formula One.

“Working with the kids and the karting school, the museum, trying to do all the things with the fans and the younger generations,” he said.

“Trying to do my best all the time here. Trying to help them if I can with the knowledge I have from all the years, and also in terms of facilities or something that I did not have in my time.”

Whilst Alonso has had his fare share of controversy in Formula One, he has had some real high points too, and he shall truly be missed.

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