Football Leaks report Sergio Ramos failed a doping test after 2017 CL final v Juventus

Juventus v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final

Football Leaks have been the talk of the sporting world in the past few weeks.

The work done by German magazine Der Spiegel has been discussed throughout the world, with Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain targeted.

And now it seems Sergio Ramos has been targeted in their latest Football Leaks column.

Der Spiegel report that the Real Madrid centre-back actually failed a doping test after the 2017 Champions League final against Juventus - a game Los Blancos won 4-1.

You can read the full report here, but we'll detail the key findings below.


Der Spiegel write that Ramos test positive for dexamethasone, but UEFA decided to sweep the failed test under the rug.

UEFA's anti-doping unit contacted Ramos for an explanation and the reply from the Spanish defender was rather concerning.

It was apparently a brief statement of four lines, with Ramos stating that all the details of the case were attached to his medical report.

"I hope this fully clarifies the situation," Ramos is said to have concluded.

Ramos celebrates with the trophy

Now, dexamethasone is allowed to me administered before a game as long as it is reported by the team doctor, which Real Madrid's failed to do on this occasion.

If a player is caught with dexamethasone in their system and without the correct paperwork, then they must be investigated for doping.

However, where it gets ugly is how Ramos and Real managed to escape any investigation.

The team doctor wrote a very apologetic letter to UEFA's anti-doping unit, which was apparently "well-received", with UEFA concluding that it was likely an administrative mistake.

Ramos with Real Madrid

"In the future, we ask you and your team doctor to be utmost cautious," UEFA wrote in a letter. "when completing the doping control form and more precisely the declaration of medication."

Der Spiegel write that they believe the aura of the player and the team had a significant impact on the outcome of the case.

The German paper also state that it's not the first anti-doping issue at Real Madrid.

Back in February 2017, Cristiano Ronaldo apparently expressed his dissatisfaction at how the UEFA staff conducted their test.

Ronaldo with Real Madrid

The situation is said to have got so tense in the doping station that Real Madrid sent their own doctors in to conduct the final tests, which is, of course, against the rules.

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