Football Leaks make allegations about Cristiano Ronaldo during 2017 doping test


There has been plenty of controversy surrounding recent reports by Football Leaks.

Published in German magazine Der Spiegel, their columns first sparked rumours of a potential European Super League and have now made major allegations surrounding drugs testing.

It emerged this week that Sergio Ramos had been accused of failing a doping test after the 2017 Champions League final, which Real Madrid won 4-1 against Juventus.

The report alleged that Ramos' urine sample from Cardiff contained dexamethasone, a banned substance that helps with pain-relief and can cause a 'euphoric feeling.'

It's noted that all evidence of the failed test have been kept under 'lock and key' by UEFA with no public statements or punishments issued.

Football Leaks allegations

Naturally, the claim caused no shortage of controversy and Real Madrid replied with a statement shortly after to try and clear up the situation.

They definitively outlined: "Sergio Ramos has never breached the anti-doping control regulations," before strongly denying the evidence within the report.

However, it isn't the only allegation that Real Madrid will have to bat away from Football Leaks with the report going on to make remarkable claims against none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.


Allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo

The report details an incident in February 2017 where the Portuguese, along with his teammates, apparently caused what Marca describes as 'absolute chaos' during a routine doping test.

The article - which can be read in its entirety here - explains that Ronaldo complained 'that he was always selected' for testing and UEFA employees quickly 'lost control' of the situation.

UEFA testers had to apply the needle for a second time, prompting Ronaldo to show 'his dissatisfaction' and 'caused a lot of tension in the doping control station.'

Proceedings then became increasingly unpleasant when Real Madrid staff entered the room after blood had been taken from both Ronaldo and Toni Kroos.

It's alleged that the Real Madrid medics then proceeded to insert the needles into the remaining eight players, a move which UEFA accepted because of the 'tension there was in the Doping Control station.'

According to the report, this incident triggered a number of communications between UEFA and Real Madrid with the Spanish club defending their actions throughout.

Worryingly, too, they go on to claim that Real Madrid's general manager accused the organisation of being incapable of dealing with top players.

It's worth noting that the club's account of the incident documents Ronaldo complaining in a polite and respectable fashion.


The article concludes by noting that Real Madrid were not punished for the actions that day, despite club intervention being frowned upon in doping situations.

The club's statement about the Ramos allegations also seems to include the reported events of February and no doubt the situation will become clearer in days to come.

Nobody seems to know exactly how truthful Football Leaks' claims are at this stage, but it certainly leaves a sour taste in the mouth of football fans.

Watch this space.

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