Sergio Ramos has responded to claims he failed a doping test


Sergio Ramos is seemingly always at the centre of some sort of controversy.

The Real Madrid defender has been an unforgiving presence his entire career and has divided fans for years.

Many believe that Ramos’ no mercy approach to the art of defending makes him the best centre-back in the world, while others feel that Ramos physicality is far too extreme and on some occasions dangerous.

Just ask Mohamed Salah what he thinks of the way Ramos defends.

Now, however, Ramos finds himself at the centre of a completely different storm.

A report in Der Spiegel under the guise of ‘Football Leaks’ has claimed that the 32-year-old failed a doping test in the aftermath of the 2017 UEFA Champions League final.

Madrid conquered Juventus on the night but that victory has been cast into doubt following these reports.

Madrid swiftly denied the allegations in a statement and now finally, Ramos has broken his own personal silence on the issue.


Speaking after his sides embarrassing loss to Eibar, Ramos denied that there was any truth to the claim.

“That is a very difficult issue, complicated. I must come out and defend myself, with my legal team, against these allegations.

“I have been through 250 or 300 doping tests over my career, and never failed one, there has never been any irregularity.

“We know the type of publication this is. They threatened us with the news a month and a half ago. When you know the truth, you are not afraid of lies.

Real Madrid v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final

“It is an attempt to stain my image and my professional reputation.”

There you have it - no grey area in that statement.

The more concerning part of the report is the claim that UEFA simply swept the result under the carpet.

If the reports were proven to be true, it could be massively damaging to both Madrid and UEFA and some heads would definitely be expected to roll.

If Ramos is to be believed though, then they have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Watch this space.

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