Fans everywhere are noticing how Juve supporters react to Ronaldo's goals

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the opener against SPAL.

At first, it really did look like Cristiano Ronaldo was going to struggle at Juventus after he went his first three games in Serie A without scoring.

That may not have been too worrying for a normal player but we're talking about Ronaldo - one of the greatest goalscorers there has ever been.

As it turned out, however, there was absolutely nothing to worry about and Ronaldo's 28th-minute goal against SPAL on Saturday was a record-breaking one.

The 33-year-old became the fastest player to ten goals in Juve's history, doing so in a mere 16 appearances.

While that's not quite on the level of his over-a-goal-a-game record at Real Madrid, it's pretty fantastic in the notoriously more defensive Serie A.

Ronaldo has bagged seven goals and an assist in his last eight games for Juve - and that's definitely a record that will have the fans adoring him.

And if you've got any doubts about that, you only need to check out their reaction to his goal celebration.

After their #7 belted the ball into the back of the net to put Juve into the lead against SPAL, Ronaldo ran off to perform his signature celebration.

Ronaldo's goal against SPAL was a record-breaking one.

As Ronaldo lands from his jump, the entire crowd chants 'SI' in unison - and it makes for a fantastic moment.

You can check it out below:

And here it is from a more intimate angle in the crowd:

Whether it's down to the fans or something as simple as the acoustics in the stadium, it's now a very special atmosphere whenever Ronaldo score for Juve.

Even fans elsewhere are loving the response to the Portuguese legend:

So it's safe to say that Ronaldo is fitting in pretty impeccably at Juventus, even with the initial doubts.

Now the big question is if he can deliver what Juve want more than anything: the Champions League trophy.

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