David Haye's former trainer Adam Booth gives his opinion on Tyson Fury

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Adam Booth has given his opinion on how Tyson Fury's incredible weight loss ahead of his showdown with Deontay Wilder might affect his chances against the fearsome puncher. 

Booth, who is the former trainer of household names David Haye and George Groves, currently looks after a number of promising young British fighters in his stable, including Ryan Burnett and Josh Kelly. 

Known throughout his entire career for being an outspoken and forthright character, Booth has also made a name for himself as something of a boxing commentator, giving his opinion on a number of prominent upcoming fights. 

One such fight is Tyson Fury's blockbuster showdown with American knockout merchant, and WBC world champion, Deontay Wilder - who boasts a stunning 40-0 record, 39 of which came via knockout. 

Whilst many are hoping for a tough and unpredictable night for both fighters, some have also questioned how Fury will be able to cope when he comes up against elite-level opposition once again, having lost over 150 pounds over the last year. 

Talking to iFL TV about Fury's transition and his chances against Wilder, Booth spoke about both the pros and cons to having gone through such a transformation. 

"There's two things really in my opinion that are unforgivable when a fighter turns up to a gym, wanting to prepare for a fight, and that's fitness and weight, because anyone can get fit and anyone can lose weight. 

"He's a big man, and he's always going to put on weight quicker proportionally than a smaller man, but also actually, being overweight in the long-run can help you.

"Because essentially you've spent a lot of your training time with a rucksack on your back, because you're constantly lugging around more weight than you will do when you're performing"

"So if anything, starting overly-heavy will help him in the long run because he's actually done the gruelling part."

Whether or not Booth's prophetic words prove to be the case on Saturday night, however, remains to be seen.

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