Who are the heaviest players in NFL history?

It’s a common fact of life that big men in sport don’t get enough love.

The big uglies, the lads in the trenches, doing the dirty work. None of that sounds fun, does it? Yet, these gentlemen behemoths go out there every single week to protect, or attack, the fancy dan quarterbacks that get paid a lot, lot more. 

So, let’s take some time to highlights these giants on the offensive and defensive line, as we answer the question everyone thinks at some point: who is the heaviest player in NFL history?

10) John Jenkins – 359 lbs

Recruited by Mark Richt for the Georgia Bulldogs, Jenkins had a very nice career in the SEC, rotating at the nose tackle spot in the Bulldogs 3-4 defense. 

Jenkins, a hefty run stopper, was selected in the third round 2013 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints, who were looking to add some weight to their interior line.

John spent four years in New Orleans before being released and spending time with the Seahawks, Bears and New York Giants – where he is now. He currently has totaled 121 career tackles.

9) Zach Banner – 360 lbs

Banner has been a known entity ever since high school, being ranked the number two offensive tackle in the nation, where the in-demand tackle chose to go to USC. 

The 6″8 behemoth was a three-year starter for the Trojans and was drafted by the Colts in the fourth round by the Colts in 2017. He may have been cut after the preseason, but the developmental prospect has landed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

8) Robert Griffin – 361 lbs

No, not the quarterback. They did play together at the same time though at Baylor and caught the eyeballs while protecting the Heisman winner. 

Griffin was selected by the Jets in the sixth round, but was unable to earn a roster spot in New York after camp.

Griffin dropped out of the league in 2016 and has since been in the Indoor Football League with the Mesquite Marshalls and is currently on the Texas Revolution.

7) T.J. Barnes – 364 lbs

Another entry, another New York Jet. Standing at 6’7 and weighing 26 stone flat, Rex Ryan signed Barnes to his prospect squad to see if the big man could be an undrafted gem in his favoured 3-4 defense. 

Unfortunately, the Georgia Tech man wasn’t a diamond in the rough. Barnes was released by the Jets and then also by the Bills, Jaguars and by the Chiefs – the last NFL team he was on, back in 2016.

Barnes totaled 9 career tackles and one pass deflection.

6) Michael Jasper – 375 lbs

During times of his college career, Michael Jasper weighed a whopping 450lbs, which is insane.

Thankfully, Jasper managed to drop his weight to 375, by the time he made it to the NFL after being asked by Bills coach Chan Gailey who signed him in 2011. Jasper spent time on the Bills, Titans, Giants and Panthers – where he never really caught on. All that hard work to cut 75lbs for nothing.

5) Trent Brown – 380 lbs

Want to know who the heaviest player in the NFL right now is? Well, step forward Trent Brown, offensive tackle for the New England Patriots. 

Bill Belichick has trusted all 27 stone of Brown to protect Tom Brady, where he is the starting left tackle as Brady looks for his 6th Super Bowl ring. 

Brown joined the Patriots this offseason, after he had spent the past 3 years in San Francisco after being a 7th round pick by the Niners in 2015.

4) William “The Refrigerator” Perry – 382 lbs

One of the most famous names in NFL history was also one of its heaviest, and there’s a good reason why. 

The Fridge, a much-loved name during his career in the 80s and 90s, will always be a Chicago Bears legend, where he was a first round pick that gave us one of the Super Bowl’s greatest moments when he scored a one-yard rushing touchdown. 

He ended his career with a one-year spell in London, with the Monarchs.

3) Nate Newton – 400 lbs

Ladies and gentlemen, we have hit the four-hundred pound mark. And we’re only at number 3 of this list. 

Nicknamed ‘The Kitchen’ (because he was bigger than Refridgerator Perry), Newton was close to being cut by the Dallas Cowboys after head coach Jimmy Johnson beat him a foot race. 

Newton topped the scales at 28.5 stones, but after being forced to lose weight by the Cowboys, he dropped to 335 lbs and became a starter in Dallas for nearly a decade – an intergral part of the famous Cowboys offensive line of the 90s that is regarded as one of the NFL’s All-Time best.

2) Terrell Brown – 403 lbs

Just missing out on the top spot is Terrell Brown, who topped out at 28.7 stone during his playing days, and a whopping 6″10 tall.

Brown played just 10 times during his college career at Ole Miss, two games in 2012 at offensive tackle and eight games in 2011 as a defensive tackle.

His biggest highlight in that time was when he sat down and crushed a plastic folding chair.

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher said that there was a possibility Brown could have a future in the league as a right tackle, but he was cut after training camp. 

1) Aaron Gibson – 410 lbs

Number one! Number one! Number one!

Coming in at over 29 stone, or 184kg for our metric friends, Aaron Gibson is the heaviest person to ever play in the NFL. Look at this god. 

Gibson spent six years in the NFL, going through stints with the Detroit Lions, Cowboys, Bears and eventually the Bills. The same teams seem to crop up a lot

Unfortunately, Gibson was out of the NFL by 2007, but he will go down in NFL lore as the chunkiest player the league has ever known. 

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