Tyron Woodley has issued some fighting talk to Colby Covington as he eyes a fight at UFC 233

Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley has been resting up since his easy victory over Darren Till in September, but it's not stopped him from actively pursuing the biggest fight possible at Welterweight.

The man to face is Colby Covington, the loud-mouthed Californian who has now won six UFC bouts in a row and should definitely be the next-in-line to Woodley's title.

His new-found brash persona saw him work his way up the Welterweight rankings, and a five-fight winning streak saw him compete for the interim title in Chicago against Rafael dos Anjos - winning that via unanimous decision.

The money fight was to face Woodley to be crowned the undisputed King of the Welterweights - but Covington was unable to fight on the speculated date of September 8, so Englishman Darren Till took his place and was unable to stay with The Chosen One, tapping out in round two.

Covington is well-known for being extremely outspoken, both in person and on social media, with he and Woodley going back-and-forth for years now - the latest comment from Covington being that Woodley is extremely brittle after needing surgery following the Till fight.

But this week it was Woodley's turn to fire some shots at the other - it looks like Covington may have gotten under his skin.

Speaking in a live video on his Instagram account, via MMAFighting, Woodley said of Covington: “Colby used to be my warmup guy, and I hate to break the news to you, but I used to pay him to beat him up.

Tyron Woodley has had some words for Colby Covington this week as he looks for a fight at UFC 233 in January.

"$500 a week plus food plus hotel plus rental car plus gun range plus entertainment plus personal trainers, pad work, massage therapy, yoga.

"I spoiled the little waste of sperm, now all of a sudden he’s bumping his gums.”

Very interesting claims if they are true from Woodley - although we're not really sure the last line was necessary at all.

Despite all of the trash talk, Woodley confirmed that he's willing to face Covington - if only to shut him up for good.

"He gonna get beat up,” Woodley stated. “He gonna get hurt, he gonna get embarrassed and hopefully retire so we don’t have to hear that terrible trash talk a second longer."

The fight is more-than-likely to take place in Anaheim at UFC 233 in January 2019, which currently doesn't have a main event - and we can't wait for it.

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