WWE fans voice their displeasure over this week's Raw dubbing it the worst ever episode


WWE fans are making their voices heard after the company broadcasted what many are calling the worst ever Monday Night Raw episode in the company's history.

Raw is WWE's staple show. The one which they like to feature their biggest talent and most compelling storylines, and where they consistently tell you that it's the longest episodic television show in history.

In truth though, if you're producing a TV show just for the sake of holding onto that title and it's not good in quality, then it's not really a record you can boast about. Last night's Raw tarnished that legacy, as many have called it the worst Raw episode ever.

If you wanted something to like from this week's show, you'll find it tough to find something through the three hours of broadcast, and a show like this will further support the argument of WWE cutting the show down from three hours since the show's content wasn't good enough.

There was almost nothing to like about this week’s episode. Alexa Bliss was essentially named Raw's new general manager of the women's division, and Seth Rollins successfully defended the Intercontinental title, but his open challenge was against Dolph Ziggler, a match we have already seen a million times.

Stale booking with authority heel figures once more taking control and belittling babyfaces has once again taken over storylines, promoting botched moves, poor promos, and a show with no real stars has resulted in fan outrage on Twitter this week.

There was nothing from this week's show for fans to sink their teeth in to and wonder how it's all going to play out next week, as most of the matches involved were predictable and boring to watch and not engaging.

WWE is on the road towards TLC, and with that show still being weeks away, there is no need for them to rush anything. However, the show still must be compelling enough to keep fans tuned in.

Many WWE fans have called this week's Raw the worst Raw ever

It wouldn't be surprising if we found out later this week that this was one of the worst performing Raw shows of the year in terms of TV ratings. 

As a result, some fans have been forced to not tune in to Raw next week or until the show improves.

The show has already been called by many the worst Raw in history, meaning the only way from here is up for WWE. However, it looks as though they're going to have to climb high in order to turn the show around.

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