Watch the crazy moment when a Muay Thai fighter kicks a referee in the head


The referee was bizarrely the centre of attention in a Muay Thai fight on Saturday night as he was floored by one of the fighters.

Chinese star Gou Dakui was taking on Thailand's Super X Sitsontidech.

Dakui was the firm favourite to win the bout against Sitsontidech, but he hit the canvas in the first round after a slow start.

The 25-year-old clawed his way back into the contest in the second round, though, and he managed to rock Super X with a big right hook.

When the Thailand-born fighter started to wobble, the official bravely, or stupidly, attempted to get between the two fighters.

However, Dakui was already launching into his next attack on his struggling opponent as he attempted to finish the fight once and for all with Super X up against the ropes.

Dakui's left foot caught the ref flush in the face as he stepped in, sending him flying to the deck clutching his nose.

As a result of the kick, the official was unable to get up or out of the ring for some time. Medics then rushed in to the ring to assess him.

Super X was also slumped on the ground at the same time as a result of Dakui's initial right hook.

Shocked TV commentators are heard saying: "Oh my god, the referee got kicked, the referee got knocked down.

"Oh no, that is something I have never seen in over 30 years of watching Muay Thai.

"Another referee has come in to help the referee. Just when I thought I'd seen it all in my Muay Thai Career."

Regardless of the freakish ending to the contest, Dakui was still awarded the win in the second round to extend his record to 21-9.

Watch the clip to see the incredible incident that the fighter makes contact with the ref and the chaos that ensues as a result.

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