Italian reports suggest Cristiano Ronaldo Jr gave another superb display at Juventus

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When your father is Cristiano Ronaldo, there's always going to be high expectations to perform on a football pitch.

Ronaldo has established himself as one of the greatest player of all-time across spells with Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus, collecting five Ballon d'Or titles along the way.

Pretty daunting footsteps to follow in when your name is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, then.

And while not every footballing son decides to pursue their father's career, Ronaldo Jr has already shown a keen interest in the 'beautiful game' and has joined the Juventus youth set-up.

Currently playing for the under 9s, the youngster will be hoping to make a quick impression at the Old Lady and one day earn himself a professional contract.

Ronaldo Jr with Juventus U8

Few updates have emerged about Ronaldo Jr's progress at Juventus, barring a few clips shared by his father on social media which showed clear talent and ability throughout.

It was also reported that he managed to score four goals on his debut for the club.

Since then, however, football fans have been left in the dark and only this week has Ronaldo Jr's situation become a little clearer.

Ronaldo Jr's latest performance

Reports are emerging from Italy concerning his latest performance for Juventus U9 and it suggests he's continuing to impress at such a big club.

The news has emanated from Giovani Bianconeri, who regularly follows the performances of the Juventus youth sides and provides updates across Twitter.

And Ronaldo Jr's performance has started to spread through the Italian media.

That's because, during a recent game with Sparta Novara, the Juventus youngster scored no less than four goals in a dramatic 6-0 rout.

One report even suggested that Ronaldo Jr helped to 'drag' his team through the game and must be seen as the star performer given his goal contribution. Take a look at some of the images before and after the game:


Another 4 goals for Ronaldo Jr

That's yet another four-goal performance from Ronaldo Jr and for all we know, there could have been many more.

Although it's impossible to gauge his footballing trajectory at such a young age, providing so many goals on a regular basis can only be a positive indicator.

Juventus will be a competitive environment for any young player trying to progress through the ranks and there are many stages before the first-team appears in sight.

When that time comes, though, his father will likely be enjoying retirement and will have his fingers crossed for his son's success.


It'll be interesting to see where Ronaldo Jr is in ten year's time, if he's still playing football and the highest level he reached.

For the time being, though, it can't be a bad childhood smashing in the goals for Juventus.

Do you think Ronaldo Jr will follow his father into football? Have your say in the comments section below.

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