Rafinha continued playing for Barcelona after rupturing his ACL against Atletico Madrid


Rafinha’s career received another setback after he ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in Barcelona’s 1-1 draw against Atletico Madrid on Saturday.

It continues a wretched run for Rafinha, who suffered the same injury to his right knee in 2015.

The 25-year-old also underwent meniscus surgery in April 2017. Talk about having rotten luck.

It’s no wonder Rafinha’s Barcelona career has been chequered. He just hasn’t been able to put a decent run of matches together.

“Who is more ready than I am? I’ve been through something similar before and I’ll get over it as many times as needed,” a defiant Rafinha wrote on social media in response to the setback.

"That’s life and what made me who I am now. It’s hard to assume it, specially after so many efforts and what I fought for.

“But I accept it and like always. I’ll be back stronger than ever.”

Why Rafinha continued playing

The circumstances surrounding Rafinha’s injury were interesting.

He felt discomfort in his knee in the 57th minute of the match but incredibly continued to play on until full-time, another 37 minutes including the four minutes that were added on at the end of the game.

The reason why has now come out, and it sums up Rafinha’s miserable run of injuries.

Per The Sun, the rehab that Rafinha has gone through to recover from his previous injuries has conditioned his body to cope with another serious breakdown.


Rafinha had daily sessions with a physiotherapist and a physical trainer to help strengthen his legs. He also followed a strict diet designed to help him reach the shape of his life.

It’s claimed that this work behind the scenes allowed the midfielder to manage the injury against Atletico.

He thought it was just a minor knock until tests the following day showed the extent of the problem.

He's now set for a lengthy spell on the sidelines.

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