Latest image of Tyson Fury ahead of Deontay Wilder fight has fans a bit concerned

Boxers Deontay Wilder And Tyson Fury Visit Los Angeles Fire Fighters

Throw your minds back one year ago and think of Tyson Fury.

The marmite man of heavyweight boxing. Some love him, some hate him.

However, even his most adoring and supportive fans may never have envisioned how the big man would look a year down the line.

At the peak of his problems, Fury was dramatically overweight, had a drink and drug problem, suffered terrible depression, and looked odds on to never even enter a boxing ring again, never mind participate in one of the most mouthwatering heavyweight contests in recent memory.

At his lowest ebb, Fury was consuming up to 100 pints of beer per week as he battled depression and drink problems.

His weight ballooned up to 28.5 stone, leaving many fans criticising him for his way of life and doubting whether he would ever come back to professional boxing.

Now bring yourself back to the present day, where we sit three days away from Tyson Fury once again aiming to defy the odds, as he prepares to take on Deontay Wilder for the WBC heavyweight championship.

Whilst there is a huge sense of anticipation in the air surrounding the fight, a photo on social media has given fans reason for concern again around their British boxing hero, again surrounding his weight, only this time fans are worried that the Gypsy King is a little too thin.

The British heavyweight has shed a huge 10 stone in the last 12 months in preparation for his comeback to professional boxing, which in itself is a huge achievement.

Tyson Fury Media Workout

The 30-year-old has prepared for his showdown in LA with Deontay Wilder by convincingly winning his two comeback fights, although the opponents were of mediocre ability, but fans began to see flashes of the old Tyson Fury.

A photo emerged on Twitter of the lineal heavyweight champion standing with Filipino boxer Mark Anthony Barriga, the shortest athlete on the card on Saturday night, and social media went into a meltdown of concern around Fury’s weight.

Whilst perception may be that Fury is a little too skinny, it is worth pointing out that the guy he is pictured with Mark Anthony Barriga is only 5 ft 2 inches tall, compared to the giant Fury who stands at a huge 6 ft 9.

Check the picture below and the reaction from concerned boxing fans.

Tyson has overcome huge obstacles on his way to get back to the top of the boxing ladder, and he may be the fittest he has ever been, and is determined to regain the heavyweight championship belts that he never lost.

Whatever your thoughts are around Tyson Fury, his history, and his return to the ring, his fight against Deontay Wilder on Saturday night has the potential poised to become one of the greatest heavyweight bouts in history.

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