Tyson Fury reveals the diet that has helped him lose weight

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Tyson Fury is boxing’s own marmite man, you either love him or hate him, there is no in between with the Gypsy King. He splits opinion and causes debates more than any other British boxer in recent history.

His battle with mental illness, alcohol and drugs were much publicised throughout 2016 and 2017 after his infamous win against Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015.

He would regularly go on nights out and consume anything up to 18 pints of beer, various vodka or whisky shorts, followed by a pizza or kebab.

The Gypsy King admitted he had a problem after he was stripped of his heavyweight title belts he famously took from boxing legend Klitschko, and it seemed like we may never see him in a professional boxing bout again.

Here we stand in 2018, a day away from his much-anticipated fight against WBC world champion Deontay Wilder, and Fury is almost half the man he was.

In fact, Fury has transformed his body to such an extent, that some fans are starting to worry that he has maybe lost too much weight!

A photo emerged on social media this week of Tyson Fury stood with Mark Anthony Barriga, a 5ft 6” Philippine fighter who is on the undercard, and it showcased just how fit Fury is looking now.

A strict diet and new found enthusiasm for life and boxing has seen Fury reach the main event of the boxing world once again, eager to prove that he is just as good, if not better than he was before.

Tyson Fury Media Workout

He is arguably in the best shape he ever has been in his entire career, which is a surprise in itself, given that he weighed just over 400lb one year ago. A photo of the British heavyweight with boxing legend Ricky Hatton was shared online, and soon went viral.

Ricky Hatton himself was famous for piling on the pounds between fights, and since his retirement he has been no different, but even the weight he put on couldn’t match Fury.

The Gypsy King prepares to take on American Wilder on Saturday night at the Staples Centre in LA, and weighed in at just 18 stone, a whole 10 stone lighter than he was last year.

It is a phenomenal effort from the 30-year-old who once again has the boxing world on the edge of its seat as he prepares to dethrone the Bronze Bomber to regain the WBC world championship.

Terry Flanagan and Petr Petrov Public Work Out

So how did Fury lose almost half of his body size in just one year?

He employed the help of strength and conditioning coach Kristian Blacklock and nutritionist Greg Marriott and Fury soon started to lose the mass amount of weight he had gained through his tough personal period.

Diets are often considered a pain, and after spending so long eating a fast-food lovers dream diet, but Tyson stuck at it and was put on a ketogenic diet, high in fat and low in carbohydrates which physically forces the body to burn fat.

Despite being on a strict diet regime, Fury was still consuming anything up to 5,500 calories a day, almost double the recommended intake for a healthy male in Great Britain. He was able to do this due to his tough physical training regime that meant he was able to burn off a mass amount of calories when training in the gym.

His calorie intake of 5,500 was dramatically different to his previous high-calorie diet of kebabs and take-always however, being made up of rye bread, avocado, eggs and lean bacon amongst other foods.


Despite being on the ketogenic diet and having Blacklock and Marriott’s input, Fury still managed to sneak in some of his favourite foods, claiming that he did the diet ‘dirty’.

“The ketogenic diet done correct is OK, but I was doing it dirty. I was having four double patties with cheese and mayonnaise,” said Fury, per The Mirror.

“Full of fat and grease, it can’t be good for your arteries. I was having tons of meat, fried up, with cheese, mayonnaise, bacon, eggs, sausage. My ideal diet basically!

“I was thinking this can’t be a diet, I’m not going to lose weight on this, but I lost the weight. I lost it all.”

By the time Fury made his long-awaited comeback fight against Sefer Seferi in July he ha already lost a lot of weight and looked in decent physical condition.

Tyson Fury & Sefer Seferi Weigh-in

Two months later, the Gypsy King continued on his road to redemption against Francesco Pianeta and was a further 20lbs lighter and he is expected the be a further stone lighter when he steps into the ring to face Wilder on Saturday night.

His nutritionist Kristian Blacklock has praised Fury for his slow and steady progress during the regime, and explained his training in further detail, highlighting Fury’s focus on weight training earlier on, followed by trying to be faster and sharper on the build up to the fight.

“It’s been done over a long period of time, very slowly and steadily. It’s been very slow and steady; constant progression rather than anything dramatic,” Blacklock explained.

“It’s just repetition, there is no magic formula. The weight came off quite early but there are different phases to every training camp."

“The very heavy weight training is done early, you go faster and sharper in the middle and then try to peak for fight night.”

Tyson has even enlisted the help of chef Tim Allcock to prepare and cook his meals for him in a bid to stay as healthy and lean as possible for the inevitable challenges ahead.

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