WWE legend JBL posts weird Cody Rhodes tweets during his birthday celebrations

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John Bradshaw Layfield, aka JBL, celebrated his 52nd birthday last night by watching his favourite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys, play against the New Orleans Saints.

JBL's birthday celebrations never dampened as the game went on, as the Cowboys were able to defeat the Saints 13-10 thanks to a fantastic performance on defense by America's Team.

Unfortunately, however, it appears as though the former WWE Champion may have had too many drinks during the game, as he sent out some weird tweets as the game was going on about Cody Rhodes.

Throughout the game, JBL made several tweets about The American Nightmare, stating how he could beat the former WWE superstar, as well as his dad and WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes.

He said: "Ok, not wanting a comeback-but I could beat @CodyRhodes any day in any match, just like I could have beaten his daddy. It’s simple math. Now back to my @dallascowboys"

"Got serious money on the Cowboys! I couldn’t get money on @CodyRhodes if I tried."

"Seriously. @CodyRhodes is a tool. Not in my league. I’m retired."

"I’m retired. But @CodyRhodes couldn’t beat me if he tied me to a tree. Neither could his dad."

"Biggest bet is @dallascowboys at +8.5. @CodyRhodes is an afterthought. Sorry, I’m busy and making money on football."

In one tweet, JBL even said he would kill Cody, which has since been rightfully deleted.

Luckily, Cody was able to see the lighter side to this tirade by the WWE legend, and he himself issued a response in one simple tweet saying: "I’m thinking JBL had a few drinks tonight..."

Earlier today, a much more sober JBL explained his actions and proved Cody's theory to be correct.

Over a series of tweets, the former WWE Champion released a statement apologizing for his comments and to Cody.

He said: “Was having fun with Cody last night and said I’d kill Cody Rhodes, I obviously didn’t mean that literally. It was a very poor choice of words, I go way back with him and his family and I just was talking smack in a pro wrestling sense. I apologize for that poor choice of words.

JBL posted some weird tweets about Cody Rhodes on his birthday

“It was my birthday and the Cowboys beat the Saints, surely that’s a reason to have one too many! Have a great day everyone!”

Perhaps not too many drinks next time JBL! Especially if the Cowboys are playing! Nevertheless, Happy 52nd Birthday, JBL.

It's unclear as to when Cody will be back with the WWE, but as for JBL, he will likely be back when the company's Tribute to the Troops show takes place next month, as he helped create the show alongside Vince McMahon.

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