Mutual sparring partners of Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder have predicted their fight

Boxing at Windsor Park

The heavyweight division anticipates a massive result as Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury gear up for their championship bout this weekend.

Despite being just six months and two fights into his comeback, Fury is looking to add the WBC belt to his lineal status with victory over the undefeated Wilder.

The fight - which will take place in Los Angeles - makes for an intriguing meeting of styles with supreme boxing skill clashing with undeniable power.

For that reason alone, calling a victory has split the boxing community with Wilder winning by knockout and Fury being favoured by the judges proving the two most common predictions.

Don't be surprised if Fury can land a knockout punch of his own, though, or Wilder manages to outclass his opponent over 12 rounds.

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

Either way, fight fans will be tuning into the fight with great anticipation and the winner could go on to fight Anthony Joshua for undisputed status.

Pretty intriguing stuff, but what is the best way to call a winner before the first bell?

Well, sparring partners always come up in conversation and with no mutual opponents between Wilder and Fury, these select fighters are the only people who can compare the two with any real evidence.

And even then, there aren't many who have shared the ring with both fighters, but just enough to get an interesting insight on who will lift the famous 'green belt.'

At least four boxers who shared the ring with Fury and Wilder have given some sort of verdict on them clashing and ahead of the fight, here are their judgements all in one place.

Boxing at Windsor Park

Walt Harris

Verdict: Tyson Fury (just)

Speaking to iFL TV, Harris explained: “They both present different problems. Deontay’s power is world class, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt.

“He is athletic as well but he doesn’t move and keep up the intensity and the pace that Tyson keeps up. For a 6ft 9ins, 270lb guy to move and throw as any punches as he does, it is unseen.

"I’ve never seen it. I think they both have their skill-sets but I think Tyson is the better boxer. His IQ for the game and what he does in the ring is just... I’ve never seen anything like it.

“Tyson’s movement is a lot better. The way he cuts angles and slips… I can’t hit him. We’ve probably done about 35 or 40 rounds – I’ve hit him on the face about seven times."

Tyson Fury Media Workout

Malik Scott

Verdict: Deontay Wilder

In an interview with EsNews, the sparring-partner-for-hire decided: "I predict Deontay by knockout, I can't go against that. This is the best Deontay Wilder I've seen.

"I don’t think you can come off a two-and-a-half year hiatus and fight a Deontay Wilder in his prime and have much success."

Deontay Wilder Media Workout

Richard Towers

Verdict: Deontay Wilder

"I know when it comes to power Deontay Wilder is in a league of his own," the Yorkshireman wrote in an article with Boxing News.

"Put it this way: He hits four times harder than Vitali Klitschko, he hits five times harder than Wladimir Klitschko, he hits six times harder than Anthony Joshua and he hits eight times harder than Tyson Fury.

"Tyson has just come back on the scene and although he is a grafter this isn't the ideal time for him to fight Wilder.

"He is moving OK against easy opposition but he has got a big body and a big head to move out of the way for twelve rounds against Wilder. That's no easy task.

"Tyson is a big, big man he can move around the ring, he can box and he has tricks. If Deontay hits him it's as good as over. At some point Wilder will catch him. And trust me Deontay hits just as hard in the tenth round as he does in the first."

Deontay Wilder v Luis Ortiz

Michael Hunter

Verdict: Deontay Wilder

A slightly older take on matter, Hunter spoke about a potential Wilder vs Fury fight back in 2016, but still gave an interesting opinion after fighting them both in top condition.

Speaking to the Mayweather Boxing Channel, he decided: "I'm going to have to go with my man 'Big D.' He's going to prove a lot of people wrong, just with the strength inside himself.

"He's very confident in himself and I think Tyson will get stopped in the later rounds. That's my prediction."

So, in terms of the sparring partners, it makes good reading for Wilder.

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury - New York Press Conference

Three have voted in favour of the American, while MMA specialist Harries decided to edge it to Fury after struggling to land a meaningful punch after almost 40 rounds of sparring.

Nevertheless, as any boxing fan knows, you can never write off Fury and he'll do his upmost to become heavyweight champion of the world once again.

Who do you think will win - Fury or Wilder? Have your say in the comments section below.

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