Max Verstappen has received an idea of his punishment for Esteban Ocon incident at Brazil GP

F1 Grand Prix of Mexico - Qualifying

There’s a school of thought that Max Verstappen still has a lot of growing up to do before he can be considered a genuine title contender.

The 21-year-old finished the 2018 season in fourth place on the drivers' standings after racking up a career-best haul of 249 points.

But despite securing 11 podiums for the year, his progress was hindered by a series of costly errors - none more high-profile than his tussle with Esteban Ocon at the Brazil Grand Prix last month.

Verstappen lost a commanding lead at Interlagos when he collided with the last-placed Force India driver, prompting a heated post-race exchanged between the pair.

The Dutchman was unquestionably the instigator of the fracas and as such will face punishment from the FIA.

Speaking to media ahead of the Abu Grand Prix last weekend, Verstappen warned the governing body to not make him look foolish.

"I'm definitely not going to look silly,” he said, per AutoSport.

"I think anyway I'm already very hard-treated by that, so we'll find something suitable, because I'm not going to look like an idiot.”


The Red Bull starlet also joked about making a speech at the FIA Awards Gala, which he’s not required to attend, as a way of paying his dues.

Well, unfortunately for Verstappen, the FIA don’t find the matter quite as funny.

President Jean Todt has hinted at the kind of sanction being considered - and they’re not exactly what Verstappen had in mind.

F1 Grand Prix of Brazil

“When you have these kinds of exposures, this kind of fame, it gives you also responsibilities,” Todt told Sky Sports, per

“So it means that whatever your emotions you must be able to control them. And to respect your supporters, to respect your word.

“If not you have some consequences. But I will say the consequences finally are quite small. Rightly so.

“What'll it be, honestly nothing has been decided. But clearly it has to be something that will be supportive to the Formula 1 world, supportive to the racing world.

“Maybe a contribution to work closer with some stewards or some officials during some training, during some education groups. We have different things which are going to happen next year.

"Maybe participate [in] a group panel of stewards in another category of motorsport to put yourself in the other side and understand that it's not always easy. But I'm sure we'll find some constructive programmes.”

The fact Verstappen insists he’s being treated unjustly probably says enough about the need for him to disciplined.

Irrespective of what the FIA come up with, though, he’s almost certainly not going to like it.

What would be a fitting punishment for Verstappen? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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