Kurt Angle explains why he was the best wrestler in all of WWE between 2001-06

Kurt Angle in action

It's hard to say what Kurt Angle is doing in WWE these days.

Technically, he is still the general manager of Monday Night Raw, but he's been on an indefinite vacation for the past couple of months that has enabled Baron Corbin to assume the reigns.

Corbin has his chance to become full-time GM if he can beat Braun Strowman at the Table, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view, but the last time we saw Angle he was tapping out to his own Ankle Lock at the hands of Drew McIntyre on Raw in England.

While the WWE Hall of Famer is certainly in the winter of his career, the 49-year-old has to be regarded as one of the greatest WWE superstars to ever lace his boots.

The Olympic gold medallist made his debut in the company in late 1999 and right up until his departure in 2006 he was one of the best performers in the world. That much is indisputable.

When asked about the best year of his career during a Facebook Q&A - something that has become a hallmark of Angle's - the former Wrestling Machine couldn't pick just one.

“From a championship perspective, 2000-2001. From a workhorse perspective, 2001-2006. Yes, all 5 years. Why? Because I was undoubtedly the best in WWE during those 5 years. I’m not bragging, I’m being honest. My only setback was the neck injuries.”

Bearing in mind we were blessed with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock until 2002/2003 on top of the likes of Triple H, Undertaker, Kane (in his prime), Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and a prime Brock Lesnar to name a few, that's a pretty bold statement.

Kurt Angle as champion in 2000

However, when you consider the performance aspect, was there anybody that could out-work or out-perform Angle? Shawn Michaels made his comeback in 2002 and actually faced Angle at WrestleMania 21, and he's probably a man who could argue he could at the very least come close.

Still, Angle's body of work will stand the test of time - and he's not done yet.

When asked who he wanted to face in his final-ever match in the WWE, Angle was able to narrow it down to two names.

Kurt Angle's famous milk bath on the Alliance

“That’s tough. I see so much talent right now. It’s hard to pick one. AJ [Styles] or [Samoa] Joe or [Seth] Rollins or [Daniel] Bryan. Then you have Sheamus and Cesaro. [Baron] Corbin. [Chad] Gable and [Jason] Jordan. I’d have to go with either Rollins or Bryan. Only because I’ve never wrestled them and I’ve had my eye on them for 5 years.”

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