Arsenal fan has come up with a crazy conspiracy theory to explain Mesut Ozil's back injury

Arsenal FC v Watford FC - Premier League

Mesut Ozil’s absence in the north London derby was put down to back spasms.

Arsenal tweeted the update after Ozil’s name was missing from the squad that would go on to beat Tottenham Hotspur 4-2 at the Emirates Stadium.

Some cynics doubted the news, perhaps buying into the idea that there’s a problem between Ozil and Emery.

The German playmaker was dropped from the starting line-up against Bournemouth last month.

Emery said that the game was too physical for Ozil, but the Mirror reported that it was actually the lack of effort he showed in the 2-2 draw against Crystal Palace in October which led to his absence.

Ozil committed his future to Arsenal in January, signing a new contract that made him the highest-paid player in the club’s history.

So any time he isn’t playing is a concern.

AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal FC - Premier League

Arsenal fan's bizarre conspiracy theory

It’s a matter that the Gunners will try to keep closely guarded but one Arsenal fan believes he’s cracked the mystery.

Shared by Arsenal blogger Le Grove, the fan has come up with a bizarre conspiracy theory that blames Ozil’s fitness issues on his love for the video game Fortnite.

In October it emerged that the former Germany international has more than 600 wins on the game - and the fan believes it could be the cause of his back problems.

“For anyone who knows anything about Fortnite, to get 600 wins takes an incredible amount of time,” the post reads.

“To get a win, you have to beat either 99 players if you’re in solo mode, 48 other teams in duo mode or 24 other teams in squad mode.

“That’s very, very hard to do.

“If I was the manager or head executive at Arsenal, that would tell me that Ozil is engaging in an unhealthy, sedentary activity that may also lead to hate, long nights because like all the best games, it’s addictive.

Arsenal FC v Watford FC - Premier League

“If Ozil has back pain, it might have to do with sitting down for several hours at a time while he shows far more fight and aggression than he ever has done on the football field.

“Of course, many athletes play a lot of video games, but that 600 wins amount (he has an excellent 12 per cent winning rate) means that he’s played close to 6,000 games.”


The post even caught the eye of Arsenal legend Ian Wright.

Some have bought into the conspiracy, though.

Ozil, you’ve got some explaining to do. This guy wants answers.

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