Chiefs star Travis Kelce celebrates TD in amazing style

Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders

The Kansas City Chiefs have been the most exciting teams to watch in the NFL this season, with their high-octane offense lighting up scoreboards every week. 

In his first season as the starting quarterback, Patrick Mahomes is playing at an MVP level as he looks to soar above 5,000 passing yards and over 50 touchdowns on the year, numbers far ahead of every other QB.

A big reason for Mahomes' success has been the weapons he's had available, with Kareem Hunt (who's now gone), Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce forming a holy trinity of attacking options.

Kelce found the endzone twice yesterday against the Oakland Raiders and broke out one amazing celebration after the first.

Paying homage to the greatness that is Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kelce decided to break out Austin's signature move - the Stunner - and hit it on fullback Anthony Sherman. 

First, we have the touchdown itself, which came in the first quarter with the scores tied at 0-0.

You get a nice glimpse of the celebration there, but it really needs to be seen again with one crucial addition - commentary from WWE legends Jim Ross and Paul Heyman. 

Here you go, enjoy. 

Now isn't that much better? 

While we do absolutely love the celebration, there are some things that need to be worked on. 

First of all, Kelce needs to put a lot more into the initial kick that sets up the move. No one is believing that limp nudge would bend Sherman over to begin with. 

And then we get to Sherman, who has sold that Stunner poorly to be quite honest. It's not as bad as Donald Trump's attempt at selling the Stunner - where the future President flops to the floor like a fish - but Sherman definitely has some way to go before he can match the kind of sells that Shane McMahon, The Rock and Scott Hall. 

Take notes, Chiefs. I want to see a picture perfect Stunner in the Super Bowl. 

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