The Young Bucks tweeted WWE stars during Monday Night Raw and got a response

Young Bucks

With the end of 2018 insight, an interesting time for independent talent is on the horizon.

WWE is aggressively trying to sign a lot of talent, per Wrestling Observer Radio, including talking to wrestlers who are currently under contract to other promotions.

With all the noise that The Elite have made this year - we're talking about Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll etc - rumours have naturally begun circulating that the WWE could try and tempt them into lucrative deals.

Of course, Rhodes has a long history with the WWE and only left the company back in 2016 but in the two years he has been gone, he has helped change the indies.

At the weekend, the American Nightmare was spotted in the director's box at the Jacksonville Jaguars game, the very owner who has been linked to starting a brand new wrestling promotion.

After The Elite trademarked All Elite Wrestling, many believe they are on the cusp of starting their own promotion with the backing of Jaguars owner Shadid Kahn, a man said to be worth over seven billion dollars.

The Young Bucks are a tag team that fans have wanted to see in the WWE for years and with their contracts - as well as their Elite friends - being up in January 2019, the rumours have started again and the Bucks have yet to really dampen the flames.

In fact, they seemed to ignite the fire with a tweet on Monday night - during Monday Night Raw.

To exacerbate the situation, The Revival responded, too.

Just last week, the Bucks addressed the speculation about their future and said some fans have begun turning on them because of the idea that they might sign with WWE.

"We noticed a lot of fans were turning on us because they look to us as influencers, and as a sign of hope, so when rumors were circulating [about going to the WWE] and they still are to be honest, it breaks their hearts," stated Nick.

"It concerns us too," added Matt. "We don't want to make the wrong decision on what we do career-wise. We are always thinking about our fans because it is how we got to this point in our careers."

Young Bucks

Of course, it's in the Young Bucks' interest to leave the door open to WWE so they can up their value with any company they do sign with, but will we see them in WWE one day? We hope so.

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