How Paul Pogba responded when Jose Mourinho said he 'kills' Man Utd's mentality


Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba's relationship keeps getting worse at Manchester United.

Saturday's 2-2 draw at Southampton saw the pair clash once again in the dressing as Mourinho accused Pogba of showing a lack of respect to his teammates and United fans.

In an explosive rant, Mourinho also said Pogba kills the mentality of his teammates when he plays games.

According to the Daily Record, United's manager said: "You don't play. You don't respect players and supporters. And you kill the mentality of the good honest people around you."

Mourinho's supposed comments came after the Portuguese said the way United players are currently performing is all down to their character, not his tactics.

"[It] doesn't matter the system we play, [it] has to do with the characteristics of the players," said Mourinho in his post-match press conference.

"We don't have many - with all the respect, hope people understand what I mean - we don't have many 'mad dogs'.

"The ones that bite the ball all the time and press all the time, we don't have many people with that spirit, so nothing to do with the system."


Pogba has cut a frustrated figure at United this season having put up with a lot of criticism from his manager, who ordered him to leave training only a couple of months ago.

So it's no surprise that the Frenchman hit back at Mourinho when he was told he kills the mentality on the pitch.

According to the Times, Pogba responded by saying he has no one to pass to because Mourinho's system doesn't allow his teammates to move freely around him.

Southampton FC v Manchester United - Premier League

Pogba reportedly stayed calm when he retaliated - which he deserves credit for and meant the exchange didn't get too heated.

What happens next is anyone's guess. United host Arsenal on Wednesday in a game with huge stakes, so it's a wonder whether Mourinho will start Pogba or not.

Either way, it's surely only a matter of time before one of them leaves.

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