Boxing fans react to Deontay Wilder revealing he sustained broken arm in training

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury

A good sport is widely recognised as an athlete who can acknowledge their opponent's performance and not make any excuses for why they weren't at their best on the night.

Where Deontay Wilder stands in terms of that definition is up for debate after his comments following the classic fight with Tyson Fury on Saturday night.

By any measure, Wilder was second best to Fury on the evening, who surprised many by taking the fight to the current WBC champion and forced him to come up with two knockdowns late in the fight to escape with the contentious draw.

In complete contrast to Fury, Wilder has made minimal comments since the bout other to say that he would consider a rematch with the 30-year-old and a unification clash against Anthony Joshua.

However, today it has emerged he suffered a broken arm in training in the lead up to the bout.

He told EsNews: "Twelve weeks before camp I broke my arm," - skip to 8:45 in the video below to see.

"We had surgery and everything. I broke my arm from right here up to here, I got the cut. We had surgery and everything.

"I was sparring, just getting ready. I was getting the best of my sparring partner.

"I was going to the body, his elbow was out and my bones and his elbow went in like a hammer to a nail and just broke it.

"We don't make excuses. That whole camp I rallied through, I barely threw any punches my whole entire camp."

While it is true that you are not going to give your opponent an advantage in the lead-up to a fight, it seems a tad disingenuous to bring it up just a few days after a somewhat unimpressive display.

And plenty of boxing fans on Twitter believe the American is lying.

For a fighter who has cruised through the great majority of his fights, there is now a fair bit of pressure on Wilder to show the boxing world he is as good as his record shows.

If the two men fight again, it will be fascinating to see the American's response as he will be the man with a lot more in the line to lose than Fury.

Boxing purists all over the world will be counting the days till the two heavyweights meet again.

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