Pele admits he's spoken to Neymar about his playacting


Watching Neymar in Paris Saint-Germain’s 2-1 win against Liverpool in the Champions League was difficult at times.

For all of Neymar’s brilliance - and there were some typically dazzling moments - he let himself down with his usual theatrics.

“We have won the fair play league twice in England but we looked like butchers when you see the yellow cards we had,” Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp said afterwards, per the Telegraph.

“It was clever of PSG, of Neymar - especially him - but a lot of players went down like it was serious and we were not that calm.”

Those hoping that the 26-year-old has cleaned up his act following the World Cup have been left disappointed.

This is how Neymar plays, and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to change.

That’s despite Pele’s best attempts to get him to do so.


Pele spoke to Neymar about his theatrics

The Brazil legend revealed in an interview with Folha de São Paulo that he’s spoken to Neymar about his playacting.

But it doesn’t seem as if the PSG star has listened.

"It's difficult to defend Neymar for all the things he does besides playing football. I spoke with him and reminded him of his ability," Pele said, per AS.

“He was unlucky because Brazil did not win the World Cup and he was singled out. I've been with him in Europe twice.

“We talked and I explained: 'The God of football gave you the gift. What you do complicates it.'"


At his best, there are few more enjoyable players in the world to watch.

But Neymar doesn’t endear himself to supporters when he’s constantly rolling around on the turf.

Worse still is that the former Barcelona forward doesn’t seem to be very popular with those who voted in the Ballon d’Or, who are considered some of the most important people in football.

Neymar finished 12th in the voting for the 2018 award, having came third last year.

You have to imagine that Neymar would have a better chance of winning the coveted prize if he didn’t make it so easy to dislike him.

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