Amir Khan speaks sense about Floyd Mayweather agreeing to fight Tenshin Nasukawa

Amir Khan Media Day

Floyd Mayweather isn’t known as ‘Money’ for nothing.

The boxing legend, despite having amassed over $1 billion in earnings during his illustrious career, loves boosting his bank balance whenever possible.

The 41-year-old, who has made a habit of showing off his wealth on social media in recent years, is set to take on kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in a lucrative bout on New Year’s Eve.

Mayweather - who had been expected to make a return to the ring, potentially against Conor McGregor, Manny Pacquiao or Khabib Nurmagomedov - claims it will be the ‘highest paid exhibition ever’.

Details of the bizarre upcoming bout remain sketchy but, following some initial confusion, it appears Mayweather will be taking on the 5ft 4in MMA star in Japan at the end of the month.

British boxer Amir Khan, who has long chased a fight against the former five-weight world champion, has not sat on the fence with his views about Mayweather’s next fight.

The 31-year-old has described the bout as a “joke” and believes such events will only end up hurting boxing.


“If you look at boxing and MMA - why is MMA and UFC surpassing boxing? Because they're putting the better fights on, they're putting the fights on that people want to see and these are just joke fights what Floyd Mayweather is doing,” Khan is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“He's going to be getting a good cheque but it's hurting boxing isn't it?

“Boxing fans are going to buy the fight, think it's going to be a good fight, Mayweather is going to go in there and destroy the guy straight away (and) people will say it's a mismatch.”

Amir Khan Media Day

Khan isn’t wrong. Mayweather wouldn’t have taken the fight if he thought there was any realistic chance that he will lose.

Khan continued: “The guy kicks well but you're not allowed to kick in this fight. If it was a kickboxing fight it would be different.

“When he fought McGregor, the same thing happened... Mayweather is very smart that way but I guess this young kid, he's going to destroy him again, people are going to look back and say it should never have happened.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor

Khan believes the exhibition bout could deter boxing casuals from purchasing further pay-per-view fights in the future.

“Those that bought the fight are going to hate on it and (think) ‘why did we buy the fight?’ - but they'd be stupid to buy the fight - and then they're all going to hate boxing and then when there is a good fight happening they're not going to buy it because they think boxing is a joke.”

Strong words from Khan, who clearly won’t be one of those tuning in to watch the fight on December 31.

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