Sean McVay's on the spot Bears scouting report shows why he's so highly rated

Los Angeles Rams Introduce Sean McVay - News Conference

Questions were raised in 2017 when the Los Angeles Rams decided that 30-year-old offensive coordinator Sean McVay was the man to lead their franchise.

The youngest head coach in the history of the NFL, many wondered if McVay would be able to command respect in the Rams locker room - seeing as he would be younger than some of his players. 

But ever since coming on board, McVay has managed to completely turn the Rams around, going from strugglers under Jeff Fisher in the 2016 season to the first team to clinch their division this year. 

So, how has he done it? The easiest thing is to point to is how he has transformed the Rams offense from a power run scheme to a spread that runs off play action and has turned Jared Goff into a stud under center. 

But there is much more to it than just "he calls plays well". McVay is one of the hardest workers we've ever seen and takes pride in putting the hours in on the practice field and in video sessions, having a damn near perfect view of all his players and how best to use them.

It seems that all-seeing-eye also works for other teams as well. 

McVay was put on the spot at his latest press conference when asked about his thoughts on the Chicago Bears defense - who they play in Week 14.

McVay's answer? List off every single players on the Bears starting defense and give an insight into what they do well. 

All 11 players. Madness. 

McVay has already shown us that he has an incredible memory, by recalling plays from the 2015 season with amazing accuracy. 

That's the man I would want running my team. All the other up-and-coming coaches in the league, from Matt Nagy who they face this weekend to Kyle Shanahan of the division rival 49ers, can bow down before the little big man. 

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