Tenshin Nasukawa has the speed and power to trouble Floyd Mayweather

When it was first announced that Floyd Mayweather was coming out of retirement once again, to fight against an unknown 20-year-old Japanese kickboxing star, a lot of people were left scratching their heads and wondering what exactly was going on.

Was arguably the greatest boxer of all time seriously going to come out of retirement for yet another novelty fight?

Surely the world was not going to buy into this following the farce with the whole Conor McGregor fight of last year.

Well, as it turns out, Mayweather is going to fight Japanese youngster Tenshin Nasukawa, but, as expected by many, the result is not going to actually count towards either of the fighters’ records and is being seen solely as an exhibition match.

It was recently confirmed that the fight is going to be under boxing rules and that it will be for three rounds, of three minutes.

If both fighters are still standing at the end of the three rounds, it is expected that it will either be called a draw or the referee will decide the winner, since there will be no judges.

For those of you thinking this is just going to be a nice walk in the park for Floyd, you might want to think again, as Tenshin looks absolutely rapid in the gym.

He recently showed off his hand speed and his power on the pads and he looks very dangerous indeed.

See for yourself below.

There are already some people suggesting that Mayweather may have bitten off more than he can chew with this kid, who could shock the world and go on to become a huge global superstar in boxing.

However, the fight is set to take place at 147lbs, with Nasukawa usually fighting down at 121lbs, which will naturally give Floyd the weight advantage for the fight.

As well as that, the youngster is also going to be giving away three inches in height to the legend.

Then there are those who have suggested that it will be pre-arranged that Tenshin cannot beat Floyd, as it would be a huge dent to his legacy, but, if the kid wants to take his chances, he certainly has the speed and power to worry Money Mayweather.

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