Stone Cold Steve Austin talks about the biggest pop he's ever heard in the WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Wrestling is about a lot of things, but most superstars will say it's about putting smiles on faces.

Of course, if you are a heel, your prerogative will be to incite the crowd and get as much heat as possible.

Either way, it's all about reactions. Why haven't the WWE cared that much if John Cena or Roman Reigns have been booed down the years? Because it's about the reactions.

One man to elicit reactions that few superstars can ever dream of is Stone Cold Steve Austin. You could argue that Austin is the biggest star in the history of the business and during his prime in the Attitude Era, roofs routinely came off buildings.

Speaking on his podcast The Steve Austin Show, the WWE Hall of Famer often breaks down the business for his listeners and offers insight into his glorious career.

This week, Austin was speaking about the importance of crowd reactions and referenced one of the biggest in the history of the business.

To set the scene, this moment occurred in January 1999 at the height of the Monday Night Wars. This is at a time where WCW routinely gave away what had happened on Raw - which was taped back then as opposed to Nitro which was live - in an effort to put fans off switching over to Raw.

Eric Bischoff tried that very tactic on this night, giving away the fact that Mankind would win his first world title in WWE on that night, with commentator Tony Schiavone even famously saying "ugh, that'll put some butts in the seats."


Around 600,000 fans would then change the channel and WCW never won the ratings war again.

Austin explained why the crowd reaction that night was so special and why it has gone o to be considered one of the biggest pops in wrestling history.

"One of the biggest things I missed about the business - I'm over it now - you miss the paycheck. f--k the paychecks. What you miss the most is the adrenaline from that crowd. Whether it's a boo or a cheer, it's the desired reaction you're trying to achieve at the time at the highest level.

"That's what you miss. Man, when I turned babyface, and I preferred working heel, but when I got over as a baby, so that's the way we went. When I blew the roof off of a place when they had a scenario set up for me like Mick Foley winning the [WWE] title from [The] Rock when [Eric] Bischoff announced the results on WCW [Monday] Nitro."

Austin continued, "That pop I got that night for helping Mick out, well, they had built that moment up. Mick, and Rock, and everybody out there had built that moment up so that the stage had been set for me to get that pop. And it was all about Mick because Mick won the championship that night, but I'll never forget it."

What's your favourite pop in WWE history?

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