Dillian Whyte shares his opinions on Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury ending as a draw

If you haven’t heard already somehow, the blockbuster fight between powerhouses Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder ended in what was a very controversial draw.

Fans, feeling uneased without a winner being chosen, have stated their own case on who should have won and who got away easy. 

There has been fairly heavy support on both ends, with many supporting the Englishman Tyson Fury, as well as the 33-year-old American Deontay Wilder.

Wilder produced the fight’s most exciting moments, knocking Fury to the ground on two occasions, leading to much fanfare saying he deserved the victory.

Proponents for Fury point to his much more efficient fighting, landing many more hits than his American counterpart, and some quality ones as well.

While it ended in a draw, the fight secured WIlder’s grip on the national title that he already claimed as the reigning champion from last year.

Some of boxing’s biggest names have weighed in with their opinions, one of them being 30-year-old British heavyweight fighter Dillian Whyte.

Despite his two knockdowns, Whyte believed that the Gypsy King himself was actually the one who got “robbed” from the tie.

During an interview in his training facility with Sky Sports, he disclosed his thoughts on the bout.

Watch from 2.25 in the below video.

“Yeah, it was a great fight man, I think Tyson Fury got robbed. I think Tyson Fury did enough to win.

“I think the two knockdowns made it a bit close, but I still had him winning by 2, possibly 3 points even with the 2 knockdowns.

“He outboxed Wilder and he controlled the fight, he jabbed him and punched him, but Wilder couldn’t get anything clean off.”

A big supporter of Fury to win the fight might stem from a support of Fury as a fighter.

“I know Fury’s tough, I’ve been in camp with him so I know he’s tough so him getting up for me was no surprise. He had a lot to prove.

“Don’t write Tyson Fury off.”

Whether it is that British connection or just some general opinion, Whyte is a big proponent that believes Fury should have claimed the title from Wilder as WBC champion.

A draw against one of the sport’s top names may not seem like a mesmerising result, but it certainly shows the inspiring story of Fury’s return to not only boxing itself, but also the elite of the sport.

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