Peter Crouch speaks the truth about Jurgen Klopp getting fined £8,000 for celebration

Liverpool FC v Everton FC - Premier League

Jurgen Klopp well and truly immortalised himself in Liverpool history with his celebration after Divock Origi's last-minute goal against Everton.

When Origi made it 1-0 in the 95th minute, Klopp sprinted onto the pitch towards goalkeeper Alisson Becker and gave the Brazilian a huge hug.

Klopp then ran back to the touchline, still punching the air, to continue celebrating with his coaching staff and Liverpool's substitutes.

A punishment was always likely for the passionate German manager and sure enough, the FA fined him £8,000 a few days later.

There's since been a lot of debate about whether Klopp deserved to be punished and now former Liverpool striker Peter Crouch has made a valid point that rival fans should consider.

Crouch insists that every football fan would love to see their manager react the same way Klopp did to such an important last-minute goal - and it's hard to argue with him.

Arsenal fans would feel the exact same if Unai Emery went roaring onto the pitch, just like Manchester United fans with Jose Mourinho and Chelsea fans with Maurizio Sarri.

Football is all about passion and Klopp's celebration after a goal that could have a huge impact in the title race was completely understandable.

"How could they charge him?," wrote Crouch for the Daily Mail. "I asked myself that question when I heard Jurgen Klopp had got a call from the FA.

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"I watched the Merseyside derby and, given I will always have a foot in the Liverpool camp, I loved what I saw in the final minute. As Klopp went tearing on to the pitch to jump on Alisson, my first reaction was to burst out laughing.

"Spontaneity is one of the many things I love about football. I played in enough derbies to know what is at stake. We beat Everton 3-1 home and away in my first season at Liverpool and the noise at Anfield was unreal, so it was always going to be bedlam when Divock Origi hit the winner.

"Klopp got caught up in the moment, but was it that big a deal? I appreciate why Evertonians hated seeing it. To be fair, if I was in Marco Silva's position, I would have been fuming if I'd seen the opposition manager galloping off in that manner.

"Yet, while I saw the good side in what Klopp did, part of me also knew he would be in trouble. I know the £8,000 punishment he received was not excessive but, still, I don't think it was necessary. It felt, in some ways, as if they were being killjoys.


"Forget about Klopp for a minute and be honest. If your team's manager reacted in that way after you had just scored a vital goal, you'd love it. Don't say you wouldn't. We want our managers to feel what we're feeling and Liverpudlians saw that from Klopp.

"Klopp quickly accepted his punishment and said that he won't do it again. He apologised, but I was glad to read he didn't regret his actions. Why should he? He has brought so much to the English game with his character and the way his team play football.

"These are moments that go down in history. If Liverpool win the league, footage of Klopp's sprint against Everton will be on a loop. By fining him, are we now saying we don't want to see this from managers any more? I hope not. We don't want passion and emotion diluted."

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