Video shows Tyson Fury's referee briefing before fight with Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury

Some intriguing footage has been surfaced this week, showing referee Jack Reiss speaking to Tyson Fury just before his historic clash with Deontay Wilder last weekend.

For many boxing fans, the video allows them to gain closer access to the process before a fight of such magnitude, while also allowing the viewer to see Fury’s mindset before walking out in front of the Staples Center last Saturday.

The camera is mainly focused on Fury during the video, gauging his reactions to what Reiss is telling him and it begins with him intently listening to the vastly experienced referee.

“Protect yourself until we’re ready to go because things happen,” Reiss begins.

“I don’t want you getting hit with a cheap shot, if you do let me do my job. Don’t retaliate, I will do something.

"In boxing crazy stuff happens, you can get tied up in the weirdest positions. Any time you’re in a weird position, don’t hit him in the back of the neck or the kidney because I’m going to say ‘stop’ and untangle you. Nothing good will come out of that.”

With the fight taking place in Wilder’s home country and with Reiss also being an American himself, Fury was keen to make sure he is contesting this bout on an even footing, insisting that he wants “fair treatment”.

Reiss confirms that he will be impartial, stating that: “This is the greatest place to come for a fair fight!”

“100%,” Fury responds. “And that is all we’ve come for. We ain’t come for a dirty slug-fest. We’ve come for a boxing contest.”

Possibly the most interesting part of the whole video then follows, with Reiss explaining what he needs to see from Fury should he get into trouble, something that eventually materialised in the fight.

“So I really don’t care who wins the fight but I care about Tyson Fury, you’re my concern. What that means to you is I have to know that you are okay at all times. I can’t assume it, you’ve got to prove it.

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury

"So when it comes into affect is if you get in trouble. If you get in trouble I’m going to be barking out some commands and you’ve got to follow my commands, just so I know you’re thinking.”

This exact scenario can be seen following Wilder’s 12th round knockdown of Fury. A killer blow seemed to have put Fury out of the contest, but he somehow got to his feet and Reiss can be seen shouting instructions at him, including getting him to pace a few steps to his left, to make sure that he could continue.

The exchange between Fury and Reiss ends with a smile and a handshake, with the video really representing the calm before the storm.

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