Finn Balor says he is glad the WWE had to change plans at TLC in 2017

Finn Balor

If there is one man the WWE fanbase can almost universally agree deserves better, it's Finn Balor.

The consummate babyface has been smiling his way to upper-mid-card feuds for the vast duration of his tenure in WWE and he seemingly finds it impossible to break through into the world title picture.

However, as the Demon, Balor has a flawless record in WWE.

At SummerSlam 2016, Balor won the inaugural WWE Universal championship after defeating Seth Rollins in Brooklyn.

However, a serious shoulder injury would mean the Irishman had to relinquish the title the very next night and he would stay on the shelf for eight months.

At TLC last year, Balor was set to face Bray Wyatt in the latest chapter of their seemingly never-ending feud where Wyatt would transform into Sister Abigail and Balor would appear as the Demon.

In the end, Wyatt along with a few other top WWE stars was struck down with a serious illness and they had to miss the event. At the last minute, the WWE gave us two former leaders of the Bullet Club versus one another - Finn Balor Vs AJ Styles.

That match proved to be a special moment to the fans and it's safe to say that was the better option over another Balor and Wyatt match.

Finn Balor

Speaking on Sam Roberts' podcast, Balor said he was glad they didn't go ahead with The Demon Vs Sister Abigail.

“I’m happy in hindsight in the sense of what could have been for that show but like you know with The Demon vs Bray Wyatt and all that kinda wacky storyline that we were doing at the time and then what it transformed into which was like the match with me and AJ. Obviously, it was unfortunate that three of the boys went down really sick, but I think that you know I was the one who kinda came out with the silver lining on that one.”

“Obviously like me and AJ have never wrestled and a lot of people would have preferred to have a big build-up and essentially, we had the match. It was from what I can remember, it was a lot of fun. I don’t watch my matches back so I can’t say if I’m happy or not but the fact that you’re still talking a year later, you know they just put it on the YouTube channel, so people liked it for sure.”

Wyatt and Balor on RAW

The whole Sister Abigail deal was quite a weird one from the start and it appeared like the WWE was going to have Wyatt as some kind of unisex demon. We think it's safe to say nobody was really pining for that.

Balor may have dodged a bullet on that occasion, but right now he's having a tough time against Drew McIntyre, a man with a real rocket push on the horizon. It seems like Balor shall be doing the job on this one.

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