Max Holloway praised by fellow fighters after devastating victory over Brian Ortega at UFC 231

Max Holloway

It had been five months in the making, but Max Holloway and Brian Ortega finally went toe-to-toe inside the Octagon at UFC 231 in Toronto last night.

The clash was planned for July but 'concussion like symptoms' meant that the Hawaiian couldn't compete.

Going into the bout this weekend there were concerns over the health of the Featherweight champion of the world.

Ortega made reference to Holloway's health issues in the build-up to the fight, stating he was genuinely concerned for his rival.

“Both of us did a show in Canada and that was the first time I heard it,” Ortega said, per Bloody Elbow.

“He was like, ‘We still don’t know what it is.’ I looked over during the show like, What the f**k do you mean you don’t know what it is? I was like, Are you serious? And we’re scheduled already not too far from now. I don’t know. I pray for the guy and I hope he’s good.”

Holloway was good to go though in the end, and the UFC fans were treated to an absolute spectacle.

Brian Ortega lands a clean shot on Max Holloway in their UFC 231 clash.

The champion exuded confidence throughout, with mid-fight signals to 'T-City' telling him to come at him even more, and both were landing clean shots on each other, but Holloway took the first two rounds.

But it exploded in round three, with Ortega fighting back well and arguably winning his first round, but the fourth would be his downfall.

Ortega took far too many undefended strikes to the head, and his face at the end of the round resembled an absolute bloody mess - so much so that the doctor refused to let him fight on and Holloway was awarded his 13th successive victory 

Some were calling it the fight of the year it was that good, and fellow professionals reacted with high praise.

We don't know who is next for Holloway, but he definitely has the 145 pound division on lock for the foreseeable future.

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