Video shows the advice Tyson Fury received after each round during Wilder fight

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury

Exactly a week on from that memorable night in Los Angeles, BT Sport have posted some rare footage of exactly what Tyson Fury’s team were saying to him in the corner after each round.

Whether the boxers are really listening or not, that burst of information can sometimes make the difference in any boxing fight.

Before the Gypsy King's controversial draw with Deontay Wilder, Fury had been forced to defend his trainer Ben Davison, who many thought was too inexperienced to handle a fight of such magnitude.

However, following such an impressive tactical performance from Fury, the 26-year-old rookie trainer has earned rave reviews.

And the footage showing Davison talk Fury through the fight round-by-round is fascinating and only likely to further enhance his reputation.

In the very first round, Davison is telling Fury to keep his distance and not create something of a close dogfight. Though, Fury wasn’t sticking around as he was noticeably up on his feet within just a few seconds. 

“Do not get greedy or complacent. You’ll have more success as the fight goes on,” concluded Fury’s trainer at the end of the first round of what turned about to be a wonderful occasion.

Davison had to constantly remind Fury not to get greedy throughout the early rounds as he did in the second before Fury did some talking of his own. Clearly quite impressed with his efforts, Fury said, “I’m boxing well aren’t I?” to which his coach responded, “You’re boxing beautifully.”

Davison’s first bit or critical advice for Fury came in the eighth round. At this point though, many pundits, former and current boxers and supporters alike had the Gypsy King down as a sure winner after the first seven rounds.

“What you’ve started to do a little bit now is waiting for him to react to your feet to react ok? Keep your feet going and don’t wait for him.”

The coach then revealed how assured Fury he would win the fight with one move.

“What did I tell you when we took this fight? You would beat him with your left hand,” Davison said, having evidently done an immense amount of research prior to the fight.

In that crucial round nine when Fury sat on the canvas after being knocked down, Davison reacted accordingly.

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury

“Mistake there. Stay dipping but don’t turn your shoulder ok?”

The most fascinating of all the brief encounters came after the 10th. Whilst the others seem weighed on technical information, this one was very much inspirational. After a round in which Fury was accounted for by all three judges, Davison said:

“Two more rounds… And it is nearly going to be the greatest comeback in boxing history. If you are feeling tired you’ve got to dig in more than you’ve ever dug before in your life.”

In his last talk before the final bell Davison was aware that Wilder would come out ferociously.

“He is going to come in like a bombard,” warned Davison. “Stay composed… feints to maintain the difference. You’re giving me fantastic head movements, but you aren’t wrapping him quick enough.”

Fury has rightly received many of the plaudits for his performance in America but plenty of credit must also head in Davison's direction as he certainly quietened his big critics too.

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