The Miami Dolphins tried an interesting pre-game psychological trick on the Patriots

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins

The New England Patriots travelled to Hard Rock Stadium today to take on AFC East divisional rivals, the Miami Dolphins. 

Heading into the game, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick played down the effects that the warm weather in Miami would have on his side - floated as a potential reason for the Pats intriguing losing run against the Phins.

“Look, it is what it is out there,” Belichick told reporters Wednesday when asked about simulating the humidity. It was Tom Brady who first spoke about the climate, saying it could be an issue. 

And it looks like as soon as gameday arrived, the Dolphins did their best to try and put that worry in the heads of their opponents. 

In order to throw off the Patriots, the Dolphins may have placed a broken thermometer by the New England bench. The mind games have well and truly been brought out by those in Dolphin blue. 

The broken thermometer was reading a temperature of over 100 degrees on the Pats sidelines.

In reality, it's only 78 degrees in Miami, at the time of kickoff and the Dolphins have proved that nothing is off limits when it comes to in-division rivalry games.

There is a chance that it could be correct, seeing as that looks like a metal thermometer - which is absolutely as ridiculous as it sounds and would give off a very wrong reading. 

The metal - an obvious conductor of heat - combined with being out in the sun, which is where the Pats bench is while Miami's is in the cool - could be right but we think this is more likely to be a bit of a jape. 

Heading into Sunday's game, the Patriots have lost four of their last five games against the Dolphins in Miami. Maybe it really is a bad place for Belichick and Brady to visit.

Will the mind games work? We'll see...

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